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Latest From Tanzania & Zanzibar

We are very proud of this page which is unique on the internet; a page that 'sucks in' all the latest news from all the lodges in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Lamai Serengeti:      Lamai Elephants
23 Oct 2016

We treasure these guys, a sighting always gets our hearts racing, especially when they are in camp. 

Enormous mammals, actually the largest terrestrial mammal with adult males maxing out at around 13 ft and weighing in at over 6 tons.  For their size they are surprisingly ...   Show me more >

Greystoke Mahale:      When the Chimps come to camp!
23 Oct 2016

Party Time for the moment at Greystoke Mahale! The last 2 weeks have been so epic here! The reason is that our Forest Water-berry Tree ...   Show me more >

Sand Rivers Selous:      Coming Home
19 Oct 2016

Stepping off the plane, the sun in my eyes, the warm air comforting me as I take my first steps into my new life. Pure nature and its beautiful perfume surround me as we make our way to the lodge, passing Lion, Giraffe and Impala. The Selous is a magical place, a forgotten world, that stuns you ...   Show me more >

Lamai Serengeti:      Lamai Cheetah
1 Oct 2016

We are fortunate enough to have a few of these beautiful creatures in the Lamai area.  This year due to an exceptionally high concentration of game around camp we have seen them often.  It’s nice to know their home ranges fall within our surrounds.  Usually we have to drive ...   Show me more >

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