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Latest From Tanzania & Zanzibar

We are very proud of this page which is unique on the internet; a page that 'sucks in' all the latest news from all the lodges in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Greystoke Mahale:      The Highs and the Lows of climbing Mt Kungwe
26 Nov 2016

2 Weeks ago, having no guests in camp, my fellows Mwiga (our head guide) , Mfaume (our head chef) and Cossam ( our house keeper) and myself ...   Show me more >

Chada Camp:      Looking back on a fantastic season
14 Nov 2016

Once again it's time to draw the green curtains on the magic that is Katavi and let the progressively storymy skies flood new life into the parched lands which the masses have not yet found.

We close this season with an award ceremony that pays its dues to the best of the ...   Show me more >

Lamai Serengeti:      Lamai Locals
12 Nov 2016

Lamai is generally a hive of activity, the comings and goings of local wildlife providing endless entertainment. 

Nature, a huge male leopard, often wonders through in the evenings and the early hours of the morning; we caught him in the bar once with one of his lady friends, and ...   Show me more >

Sand Rivers Selous:      A photograph everywhere you look
6 Nov 2016

When Richard Bonham stopped doing walking safaris in the 90's and decided to build a lodge instead, he really did have his choice of the best locations - and boy did he pick it. Sitting along the banks of the Rufiji River, at one of its widest points, the location has so much to offer. The ...   Show me more >

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