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Latest From Tanzania & Zanzibar

We are very proud of this page which is unique on the internet; a page that 'sucks in' all the latest news from all the lodges in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Serengeti Safari Camp:      The early show…
23 Jun 2016

They have arrived! Reports just in from Nomad guide Nathan that the herds are up in the northern Serengeti and our guests from Lamai Serengeti have already caught the first river crossings. The migration is up north early this year so we are all very interested to see how the season progresses - ...   Show me more >

Lamai Serengeti:      Birds of Lamai
20 Jun 2016

Birds of Lamai – because we know you love them

Tanzania is a birders paradise, with well over a thousand recorded bird species you can’t be disappointed – ornithologically speaking this is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.  Conservation areas occupy between ...   Show me more >

Sand Rivers Selous:      The Rufiji River
17 Jun 2016

Boat trips are one of my favourite things to do while in the Selous and I can generally be found in some small corner of the river photographing birds, Crocodiles or Hippo. 
The water level is dropping dramatically at the moment and i think we may be heading into a very dry season. It ...   Show me more >

Greystoke Mahale:      Delivery Day!!
17 Jun 2016

A new season has started here and the work in the village continues.
This week we visited Katumbi to check up on the progress of our projects and hand out the generous donations from our compassionate guests.

Julie Wynne a previous guest of ours who has already supported Katumbi ...   Show me more >

Chada Camp:      The Rocking Chada is back!
12 Jun 2016

Here we are! After 6 months our Chada Camp is open again! Could not wait for it!! A few work to be done, and now we are all fit and ready to host our ...   Show me more >

Sand Rivers Selous:      The River Horse!
7 Jun 2016

The new season has started and every one is full is excitement for the upcoming months. 6 days have passed and boy has it been a fun week. The river is slowly drying out, exposing more sand in front of the lodge, and more hippo are beeing seen than in March. 

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Greystoke Mahale:      Bonobo is a Chimp?
7 Jun 2016

One of the most recognisable male Chimps in the M-Community is Bonobo. He dons a great grey beard but this definitely does not make him a 'hipster' chimp as he has had it long before the bearded hipster look became popular.

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