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Latest From Tanzania & Zanzibar

We are very proud of this page which is unique on the internet; a page that 'sucks in' all the latest news from all the lodges in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Sand Rivers Selous:      The intimacy of the Selous
22 Sep 2016

What an incredible past 10 days it has been. I have had the pleasure of guiding two seperate groups back to back and we have had some incredible sightings. The privacy of all of these sightings made them all so much more enjoyable and unique. Every sighting we had (from the images below) we had ...   Show me more >

Lamai Serengeti:      The People Make a Safari
19 Sep 2016

I thought it about time we pay tribute to the Tanzanian people who are an integral part of any safari.  A safari without the animals would not be a safari, similarly a safari without the people would not be a safari.  Helen and I love working in Tanzania because of the people, gentle ...   Show me more >

Lamai Serengeti:      50 Shades
7 Sep 2016

We have a rather handsome and large male leopard who is often in camp, he has a reputation for being a ladies’ man and the guides have named him Nature. He is awe inspiring and takes my breath away every time I see him – like when I am brushing my teeth in the morning and he happens ...   Show me more >

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