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Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild – Moli and Noelle, Ruaha, Tanzania

November 2, 2016

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild – Moli and Noelle, Ruaha, Tanzania

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Reposted from Radio Times

by David Butcher

The best tip in Fogle’s adventure this week involves a bag of ash. Ben’s host in a remote corner of Tanzania is veteran guide Andrew “Moli” Molinari, who walks through the bush with a little pouch of ash wrapped in cloth.

Fogle assumes this is to mask their scent, but it turns out to be simpler: a tiny shake of the bag releases a fine ash that drifts in the slightest breeze and shows which way it’s blowing – vital for staying downwind of elephants.

It’s a nice piece of bushcraft, but it doesn’t stop them having a very close encounter with an angry-looking tusker. Full marks to the camera crew for holding their ground…

Adventurer Ben travels to Tanzania to meet Yorkshire-born Andrew Molinaro and his Californian wife Noelle, a couple who decided to leave city life behind and set up their own business as safari guides. Living side by side with some of the planet’s most fearsome animals, Ben learns more about their nomadic lifestyle as they head out on expeditions to chart areas of the Ruaha National Park.

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