The Great Wildebeest Migration Update

29th September 2020

The Great Wildebeest Migration Update

If you follow our blogs or our social media pages, then you will know that we love the Serengeti. Apart from its excellent big cat density, brilliant photographic opportunities and exceptional camps, there is one phenomenon that remains to be breath-taking, no matter how many times you see it: The Great Wildebeest Migration.

Wildebeest migration during sunset

The migration is a spectacular phenomenon. © Nomad Tanzania

Whilst the Masai Mara is often thought of when people talk about the Great Wildebeest Migration, it is in fact the Serengeti that is home to this marvellous spectacle all year round! The Masai Mara is just a brief side-show. From the calving season starting in February to the epic river crossings that occur between July and October, there is no bad time to go and witness the migration in the Serengeti.

When planning a holiday to the Serengeti, or the Masai Mara, the important thing is to know when and where the migration will be at what time of year, which is why we have created a short 10-minute video full of beautiful videos and infographics to help explain the Great Migration and where best to stay when visiting.

As you read this, the final month of the famous river crossings are starting. As the wildebeest look for pastures greener, many will cross the famed Mara River multiple times, evading the lurking crocodiles and dodging the predators that lie in ambush on the riverbanks, before starting their journey South to the short grassy Ndutu Plains.

Cheetah watching wildebeest Serengeti

Predators are never far from the moving wildebeest herds. © Shuterstock

Over the next month, Managing Director Marc as well as Africa specialist Sam will be heading out to Tanzania to catch the last few weeks of the river crossings as well as providing updates on how travel to Tanzania is looking through the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Make sure you keep any eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest information on their trips and some excellent wildlife footage.


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