Incredible Moments in the Serengeti as the Migration Continues

5th October 2021

Incredible Wildlife Moments and the Migration Continues

The Serengeti’s wildlife truly is a wonder to behold. Whether it is the thousands of thundering wildebeest on their annual migration or the territorial battles between lions, there is no doubt the Serengeti is home to the world’s most incredible wildlife.

Guests who have been lucky enough to travel over the past year have not only been lucky enough to witness such incredible sightings, but they have also had the endless plains all to themselves as visitor numbers remained low due to home country regulations.

Our first video of note is a demonstration of how brutal nature can be. Three lions had cornered a leopard not far from Asilia’s Sayari Camp. With nowhere to go to escape the trio of lions, the leopard attempted to climb to safety, only to be dragged back into the clutches of the snarling felines.

With such high predator concentrations in the Northern reaches of the Serengeti, this type of conflict is inevitable but to actually witness this is an incredible, albeit brutal scene.

With the predators fighting amongst themselves, one may think food is at a premium, but this is far from the truth. The Great Wildebeest Migration continues to stampede through the Northern Serengeti, following the rain patterns. Criss-crossing the Mara River in search of the greenest pastures, our second video was captured at a well-known crossing point, number seven.

Although a video can never do justice to the enormity of the spectacle, witnessing a river crossing is beyond most people’s wildest dreams. The smells, sounds and sights are an attack on the senses, and they are truly awe-inspiring. Seeing a ‘David Attenborough event’ live in front of you has to be seen to be believed and the river crossings still thunder on as we write this. Occurring between mid-July to the end of October, if you want the best chances of catching such a scene, make sure you contact one of our experts who would love to talk through the different Tanzania safari options with you.






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