Incredible Sightings at Namiri Plains

1st March 2021

Incredible Sightings at Namiri Plains

For those who have managed to travel over the past year or so have been lucky enough to witness some remarkable events without the normal crowds that are often seen in these National Parks.

Whether it was an exclusive gorilla trek or only having a handful of at the infamous Mara River Crossings, game reserves and National Parks have only received a handful of visitors than a normal year and whilst human life has stopped in terms of lockdowns, life in the wild carries on…and the fight for life and death has not abated.

Manja is one of Namiri’s brilliant guides and he has captured some incredible footage during his time guiding at this camp. From melanistic serval kittens to almost daily cheetah hunts, his videos are certainly worth watching!

Only last week he came across a very relaxed several hunting and then he found several cheetahs hunting a wildebeest. Both sightings were incredible to see and perfectly sum up a game drive at Namiri Plains.

Namiri Plains in the East of The Serengeti is a big cat paradise. Previously a cheetah research area, the plains have recently opened to tourists and Namiri Plains is the only camp for miles. With exclusive access to some of The Serengeti’s most predator dense areas, Namiri is a haven for photographers and thrill-seekers who also enjoy an ultra-luxurious camp that offers all the amenities one could wish for.

The Serengeti is one of the most famous parks on the African continent, blessed with the sacred pilgrimage of over a million wildebeest, it is no wonder that animal sightings here are some of the most spectacular on the planet!

If you are thinking of visiting Namiri Plains, please contact one of our Tanzania experts who would love to chat with you about your potential itinerary.

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