July 2014

July 9, 2014

Kwihala Camp

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Kwihala as part of Asilia

On 1st June Kwihala Camp opened as part of the Asilia family. During April and May we refreshed the soft furnishings and put in place a new menu, but kept the spirit of this popular bush camp firmly intact.

This season Kwihala Camp is in the very capable hands of Sandy Mellet. Many of you will know Sandy from Matemwe where she was our Front of House Manager. Sandy is going into her third season with Asilia.

Guiding this season we will have Lorenzo Roskelly and Festo Rafaelle Ntayaye full time. Pietro Lurashi will be in camp from the 1st July – 1st October and Marius Swart arrives on the 1st November.

What makes Kwihala Camp special

  • Kwihala Camp has one of the best locations in the park, close to the Mwagusi Sand River where the most exciting game viewing happens! In the mornings, Kwihala guests tend to have this area to themselves, allowing them to move on when others start to arrive.
  • The camp has a reputation for excellent guiding and we are pleased to announce that the guides who built this reputation will be continuing to guide in the 2014 season.
  • It is one of the only camps in Ruaha to offer game drives, walking safaris and night drives. NB: walking and night drives do need to be pre-booked.
  • Kwihala is one of the smallest camps in Ruaha. With just 6 tents this means we can deliver the kind of personalised service that Asilia has become famous for.

Why go to Ruaha?

  • Exclusivity: Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest National Park at over 20,000km2. There are approximately 150  tourist beds in the park which means 130km2 of space for each guest!
  • Big Cat viewing: Ruaha is home to 1 in every 10 of the world’s lions and the density of lions per km2 is higher than the Serengeti (0.27 per km2 in Ruaha compared to 0.16 per km2 in Serengeti). Cheetah and leopard are also seen regularly.
  • Elephants: Ruaha is also home to Tanzania’s largest elephant population (aprox 20,000).
  • Diversity: Ruaha is a transition between southern and eastern eco-systems and this is what accounts for its incredible diversity with over 1600 plant species and 500 bird species.

January 29, 2013

News from Kwihala

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Lorenzo’s Leopard

November 2012 Story and photos by Lorenzo Rossi, trainee guide at Kwihala camp Ruaha National Park November 2012

We were parked near a rocky outcrop on the north bank of the Mwagusi sand river. It had rained, and there was a small stream of water – buffalo were drinking and a big troupe of baboons and banded mongooses were foraging in the river bed. Suddenly a leopard sprang out from the outcrop and jumped on a mangoose and killed it.

Fearlessly, the baboons swooped down on the leopard in its exposed position in the river bed.

The largest males came very close to the feline, attacking it from all sides.

The leopard crouched down and snarled ferociously but could not win the battle against so many.

It was too much, the spotted cat abandoned the kill and raced for the rocky outcrop, where it disappeared into a crevice. The baboons were making a great racket and continued for some time, victorious in the battle….

Ruaha Leopard

We saw the leopard later, sitting on top of a rock surveying the scene carefully.

Ruaha Leopard Ruaha Leopard

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