The New Namiri Plains

25th September 2019

If you have been following any of our social media accounts and our blog you may have noticed a lodge called Namiri Plains being mentioned once or twice.

The reason we love it so much is because of its extremely high predator density, the intimacy and privacy that is given on game drives. It is located in the Eastern section of the Serengeti National Park and over forty-five minutes away from any other camp.

Cheetah on game drive at Namiri Plains
© Asilia Namiri Plains

During 2019 Asilia have been building their brand new Namiri Camp next door to the original, and we are very excited that it is now open! The new lodge has ten open and spacious tents which overlook the rolling plains of the Serengeti, whilst the bespoke design allows you to connect with nature whilst still being enveloped by luxury.  

Namiri Plains room
© Asilia Namiri Plains

Each tent can be made into a twin or double room with its own ensuite bathroom. There is an indoor shower and an outdoor bathtub should you wish to bathe beneath the Serengeti sky. Extra facilities include a swimming pool and a library as well as a newly added spa that all add to this exquisite camp.

Inside Namiri Plains room
© Asilia Namiri Plains

For those who love photography, a specially designed photographic vehicle is now available to be hired so that you can get those perfect shots. It’s special features include swivel seats – one per row – drop down sides and the usual Asilia kit including 3-pin plugs and roll down covers in case of bad weather.

Photographic vehicle at Namiri Plains
© Asilia Namiri Plains

No matter the time of year, Namiri is worth visiting. Although it may not be the best camp for seeing the wildebeest migration, between November and May the migration is accessible. Day trips to see the millions of migrating wildebeest and zebra can be done during these months, but the real draw of Namiri are the predators. The local populations of cheetah and lion don’t follow the migration, and through years of extensive protection and research, the cats have flourished. They feed on the resident topi, gazelle and other antelopes that are abundant throughout the year which makes for some unprecedented big cat action no matter when you visit.

As Namiri has just reopened there are some fantastic deals to be had! The price of staying is the same as the old Namiri until May 2020. That means for an extra-luxurious and brand new camp, you would pay the old camp’s prices! In April during the low season, the rates drop dramatically allowing you to get some a deal that will give you the best big cat sightings for a price that cannot be beaten!

We love talking about all things safari, so if you think Namiri Plains is the place for you, contact us now!

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