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April 11, 2018

5 Reasons to take a Family Safari holiday in Tanzania

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Travelling as a family is an enriching experience and a family safari in Africa is the perfect time for parents, children, and even grandparents, to bond and create life-long memories.

With its combination of spectacular natural scenery, incredible coastline and world-class wildlife reserves and parks, Tanzania provides one of the best destinations for a family safari. While not all safari lodges allow children, many camps and lodges are beginning to specifically focus their attention on families and children and offer activities and facilities to make sure that all age groups are catered for.

Find our top 5 reasons to do a family safari in Tanzania here:

Bush and Beach Safari

Family Safari in Tanzania

Boasting fabulous white sandy beaches, as well as some of the best wildlife reserves in Africa, all within relative proximity to each other, Tanzania is the ideal destination for a bush and beach safari experience.

Wonderful Wildlife

Family Safari in Tanzania

Nothing quite compares to watching your child’s eyes light up with excitement the first time they see an elephant or watch a lion on the hunt. For many people, going on safari is the first time they are able to see wild African animals in their natural environment, making this a truly special experience for both adults and children alike.

Lots of Things to Do

Family safari in Tanzania

Tanzania offers the opportunity for a multitude of safari activities such as game drives, guided walks, watersports, horseback riding and more. There is literally something for everybody to enjoy and no excuse for the kids to get bored.

Variety of Accommodation

Family safari in Tanzania

From rustic tented camps to luxurious private beach villas, the options for accommodation in Tanzania seem endless. Many camps have specific family orientated accommodation that allows for groups to stay together, providing an intimate safari experience.

Special Offers for Families

Tanzania loves families and their child rates and offers reflect this! We have been working with many of the safari companies in Tanzania for 20 years and can get some amazing value deals.

Here are our top 5 tips for doing a family safari in Tanzania:

1. Book a safari camp with interconnecting rooms or a family tent so you can all stay under one roof/canvas!
2. Don’t try and do too much! Tanzania is a vast country and it’s impossible to visit every park. Children will get more out of visiting a few locations in more detail rather than rushing everywhere
3. Get a range of activities- children will start to become blasé after their 15th Lion encounter in a vehicle, so ask us about a safari that has different activities.
4. Tanzania is blessed with beautiful coastlines – after your safari, spend some family time having fun on the beach snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, kite surfing, paddle boarding and much more. Or for exhausted parents, simply relax in a spa with a cold drink and a massage…a tempting alternative!
5. Think about taking a short safari at half term in February or October as you can often take advantage of ‘off season’ rates and fewer tourists.

Find more useful information and tips on a family safari in Tanzania here: https://www.tanzaniaodyssey.com/tanzania-family-holidays 

September 9, 2016

3 Reasons to Visit Tanzania

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“I love Tanzania because of the light, colours and life in almost every scene. Especially at dawn: the rising sun floods the cool grasslands with gold, school children walk along the roadsides and vendors set out their wares. And when nature surrounds you, there is exuberance everywhere: the largest of animals mingle with the most minute; birds of every size and colour soar and sing; trees and plants burst with flowers; landscapes are colourful and diverse. Mostly, though, it’s because of the equanimity, charm, dignity and welcome offered by so many Tanzanians.”
– Mary Fitzpatrick, Writer

There are countless reasons to visit a country as unique and beautiful as Tanzania, but if we had to narrow it down to three, our reasons would be: safari, beach and city:


Tanzania has 17 diverse National Parks including Sealous Game Reserve, Africa’s largest protected area, and the Serengeti National Park, which comes to life each year with the annual wildebeest migration. The Ngorongoro Crater is a must-see for its unbelievable geology, and abundance of wildlife. Then there’s Tarangire, Katavi, Ruaha and Arusha – all iconic African parks.

From magical Pemba in the North, to the famous island of Zanzibar, Tanzania’s beaches are paradise on earth. The glorious Swahili coastline caters to every whim and snorkelling or scuba diving in these clear waters opens doors to a whole new world beneath the waves.

Tanzania is unique and multi-cultural with many fascinating cities worth visiting. Dar es Salaam is the second largest trading port in East Africa and a trip there offers an interesting insight into the commercial hub of the country. For a more cultural experience, we recommend visiting Stone Town in the heart of Zanzibar.
Quite simply put, Tanzania has something for everybody to enjoy.

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