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One of the great things about Tanzania is that there is so much to see and do.  Many of the activities on offer appeal to those with a particular passion; if you love walking, the treks here are truly spectacular, birdwatchers may feel overwhelmed by the extraordinary range and diversity of birdlife, and any artists or photographers seeking inspiring landscapes will be thoroughly spoilt for choice. 
Tanzania offers numerous options for specialist safaris and activities, whether you wish to drive, walk, ride, fish, fly camp, ride in a hot-air balloon, dive, kite surf or go trekking after chimpanzees...  For any of these, or other interests that you wish to pursue (e.g. special interest fauna, or historical or cultural interests), please do discuss with us and we will do our best to help you get the most out of your trip.

Activity based lodges


Walking safaris

Walking safaris are an excellent way to experience the bush, with all the sights and smells and intrigue that comes with picking your way through the landscape on foot.  But, this is wild country, and it is imperative to be accompanied by an excellent guide and an armed ranger.  All of the best lodges in the south and west offer superb guided walks, as will some beyond the National Park boundaries and in concession areas in the north.  All walking safaris will require suitable footwear, and generally you are advised to wear subtle colours of the bush and long trousers.  

The best places for Walking Safaris in Tanzania

  • In 2014, Kichaka in Ruaha opened as Tanzania’s first walking-centred camp. Andrew ‘Moli’ Molinaro is undoubtedly one of Africa’s finest guides and this is all in all a fantastic operation – ideal for adventure seekers and veteran safari goers.
  • Alex Walker’s Serian Camp, located just outside the Serengeti in the Ngorongoro Conservation area is uniquely allowed to offer really unbelievable activities, without missing out on the unbelievable Serengeti wildlife. The walking here is truly unbelievable and the guides world class. If you are into walking safaris and are looking to northern Tanzania, it has to be Serian.
  • Sand Rivers in the Selous offers a really authentic yet luxurious base for your walking safaris. Fly Camping in the watery and beautiful Selous after a relaxing walking safari is up there with our top Tanzania experiences.

For further information of Tanzania'a walking safaris, please refer to our blog post on touring Tanzania on foot. 

Driving safaris

In Tanzania, a driving safari has always meant being seated in a vehicle driven by a driver/guide, enjoying your surroundings while they do the hard work.  That said, some of our clients have asked for a more hands-on role.  It’s many people’s dream to drive through the African bush in a 4x4 and it is now possible, albeit as part of a group, in a Land Rover Defender 4 SE.  Led by a chief guide in the front vehicle, you will drive yourself through the highlights of Northern Tanzania. The 7 night / 8 day set-departure trips begin on alternate Sundays throughout most of the year and take in Tarangire, Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. It’s a great trip, the only one of its kind in Tanzania, and the fixed accommodation is amongst the best we sell.  Prices start at approx USD $8,500 per person in high season.  If this sounds like your kind of thing, give us a call.

The best parks for a Driving Safari in Tanzania

  • The beautiful, dramatic & one of a kind Ngorongoro Crater should be on every safari enthusiasts hit list & has the biggest concentration of wildlife anywhere in the world. It is not very big though, and the maximum time you can spend in here is (legally) 6 hours, so don’t revolve too much of your driving around the crater.
  • The Serengeti – The mother of all safari parks. It’s reputation does not prepare you for the huge concentrations of wildlife which roam it’s endless sweeping plains. A drive through the Serengeti is certainly never going to be a boring affair!
  • Tarangire – The lesser known Northern Park acts as a great addition to any northern Tanzania itinerary. It’s landscapes are dramatic, beautiful, and the wildlife (especially if you are lucky enough to catch the Elephant Migration) is really fabulous. You can also enjoy night drives here, unlike many other parks in the country.

Chimpanzee safaris

The very specific, remote habitats for chimpanzees in Tanzania mean that this is a special interest safari and probably not for the beginner, but if you are keen to experience these wonderful animals in the wild it is certainly worth the price and the distance.  The best chimpanzee safari option is at Mahale Mountains National Park, on Lake Tanganyika.  This is a stunning, wooded, mountainous region, and all safaris are on foot. 

Where to stay to trek Chimpanzees in Tanzania? 

Guests stay at Greystoke, which is a seriously excellent camp in its own right, nestled in the foothills on a beach of the lake.  Guests return from safari walks to snorkel the clear, freshwaters and catch fish for their supper!  Wonderful tents and décor make this a very special and memorable experience.

Hot air balloon safaris

In Tanzania, hot air balloon trips operate in the Serengeti only.  These leave at dawn from the Ndutu, Seronera and Grumeti regions, and after a couple of hours of floating above the plains, you land to find a sumptuous bush breakfast laid on with aplomb.

How much are Hot-air Balloon safaris in Tanzania?

Roughly, depending on whether you are in The Serengeti or Ruaha, prices are around $550 per person per hot air balloon ride.

Is a Hot-air Balloon Safari worth the money?

If this is something you have always wanted to do, and don’t mind spending the extra money then yes! Seeing the dramatic Great Migration from above has got to be one of the most incredible things to witness in the world. However, it is a lot of money for what it essentially 45 minutes of your holiday… The money could be better spend in better quality accommodation, or on an extra night on Safari which would not only make 45 mintues of your holiday special, but the experience as a whole!  

Riding safaris

Riding is unfortunately no longer possible in Tanzania as the horses suffered from sleeping sickness which affects the whole country, so the operations shut down. We recommend that those seeking horse-based safaris should look at an Okavango Horse Safari in Botswana instead


The diving centres around Zanzibar are nearly all PADI accredited, and the waters here are varied enough to suit all skills and abilities.   It is possible to take a full PADI course while on holiday here, and to experience night and drift dives, wall dives and wreck dives.

The best places for diving in Tanzania;

  • Mafia Island – If you are a mad keen diver, and also want to go on a whale shark excursion to see these mighty and unbelievable animals in the flesh, then it has to be Mafia. The best place to stay on Mafia for all your diving needs is Kinasi Lodge – mad keen on diving, but with very comfortable rooms and excellent food, it is a great  place to base yourself.
  • Pemba Island – If you love diving, Pemba has some of the very best in the world. Pemba is slightly more interesting to visit than Zanzibar – it is seriously off the beaten track and with only a handful of lodges on the island, it is rare to see any other tourists. The best place to stay is the original Pemba accommodation of Fundu Lagoon where guests really fall in love with the island and the lodge, making guests return year after year.

Kite surfing

There are a number of places offering kite surfing in Zanzibar and it has grown to become a world capital of the sport. We can point you in the right direction.

The best places to stay for Kite Surfing in Zanzibar?

The best place to stay for Kite Surfing is without a doubt in the South East of Zanzibar. Luckily, there are a number of fabulous hotel options in the area.

  • Baraza – This is a bigger hotel then we usually love to recommend, but it is an excellent option for those who are after luxury and an authentic Zanzibar stay. Being a bit bigger means it has a fantastic array of activities which are just on your doorstep.
  • Breezes – Another slightly bigger hotel and less luxurious than Baraza, but with an excellent activities centre. This is a perfect location for families, and actually has a really friendly and inclusive atmosphere, even with it’s size.
  • Xanadu – The iopposite of a big hotel, Xanadu is an array of 12 luxurious villas and offers first class privacy and luxury. If the kite surfing isn’t enough to drag you here, the ex Michelin star chef certainly will. This is the best accommodation on Zanzibar Island for honeymooners.

Further Reading 

For more information on activities in Tanzania please see our blog on what to do on your Tanzania holiday

We don't just know Tanzania! 

For more information on Tanzania, the best thing to do is to give us a ring for an impartial chat. Although we love Tanzania, we also love the rest of Africa too and have experts in all the main safari countries. If you are undecided as to where to visit, please do just drop us an email or give us a call. There are a few seriously unique experiences to be had all over Africa. One which springs to mind and a lot of people love to do upon landing in Nairobi is go the the incredibly unique Giraffe Manor to kick-start their safari off in style. Ask us for more informaiton. 




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