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Zanzibar's Offshore Islands

Off the shores of Zanzibar island there are a variety of little islands offering a more secluded and remote beach experience, away from the attraction of the main island. Some of these are only accessible at certain times of the day according to tide levels, and the smaller sandbanks and spits are excellent for sailing excursions and picnics. A few of the permanent islands, like Mnemba and Chumbe, provide exclusive accommodation to travellers.
For those looking for the very best and most private beach experience with flour soft sand beaches and absolute seclusion, Mnemba Island is undoubtedly the best option for a Tanzania honeymoon, or indeed any Zanzibar holiday.  This tiny island is everything you can imagine of a remote windswept paradise, and has been voted one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.  

On a much simpler scale, the eco-lodge at the heart of a marine conservation on Chumbe island provides a blissful island hideaway, although the shoreline is sharp coral rock with not much of a beach. However, the marine life around here is outstanding and the snorkelling first rate.  Chumbe should always be used in conjunction with another location that offers a good quality beach.

To the west of Stone Town is Prison Island (also known as Chapwani), which is renowned for its lack of prison.  The main attraction here are the monstrous tortoises that are well worth a visit.  Close to Prison Island is Bawe island, which is lovely, however the accommodation is rather overpriced  and view is of the main shipping lane to Stone Town, so we do not really rate it.

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Where to stay on Zanzibar beaches & islands

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