Best places to stay on the coast of Tanzania

Best Places To Stay On The Coast Of Tanzania

Away from the crowds of Zanzibar there are a handful of lodges on the coast of Tanzania that are perfect for an isolated and private experience. The pull of Zanzibar's white beaches and rainbow-coloured coral reefs has left this area over-looked, but as travellers search for more secluded and authentic options, the mainland coastline is starting to stand up and be counted for. The privacy that is offered is second-to-none, making it an ideal destination to begin, or end, a honeymoon.

The stretches of beach to the North and South of Dar es Salaam are often overlooked and outshined in terms of water activities, however this means fewer visitors in the areas. The lodges are less known to the masses and even during peak season the density of people visiting does not come anywhere near to the amount of those flocking to Zanzibar. Although diving is not offered here, if you want to combine ancient culture and history into your beach stay then the coast of Tanzania can offer copious amounts of this. You can dive (no pun intended) into the ancient Swahili culture and history with tours and day trips which would incite the historian in anyone. The beaches may not be as 'Instagram-worthy' as those in Zanzibar, but have you ever been the only couple on a beach that stretches for miles in both directions? Well, if not then you should definitely consider Tanzania's coastline; it's our little secret.

The lodges along the coast of Tanzania vary in price and quality, therefore catering for all budgets. To visit these lodges is easy due to the locality to Dar es Salaam. It makes the beach an easy destination if you're short on time but still want to add some beach rest and relaxation to your safari holiday. If this all sounds great, then the mainland coast of Tanzania is the right choice for you. Below are our favourite lodges:

Ras Kutani

The best beach lodge in east Africa!  As a company we have explored the entire coast and there  is nowhere that gets near to Ras Kutani.  It is ‘bare foot beach luxury’ at its best and comes at fantastic value.  It is secluded, private and spectacularly beautiful. Team this with fantastic rooms, lovely food and great service and we have ourselves a champion of beach lodges.

The Tides

Tides is a great little property which goes very well with certain itineraries.  It offers exceptional value for money and is great for all types of traveller, including honeymooners and families.  Located on the mainland coast it is relatively remote unlike the ever growing Zanzibar Island.  It is cheaper Ras Kutani lodge which is our much preferred mainland coast destination, but the drop in quality suggests it should be.  For a little extra money Ras Kutani does buy you an infinitely better time, but Tides does have good diving whereas Ras Kutani has none at all.

Lazy Lagoon Island | Tanzania

Lazy Lagoon is run by the Foxes family who have quite a few camps in Tanzania and they run them very well. It’s a great company and the good ethics are clearly present at Lazy Lagoon. Being just south of Bagamoyo it makes for easy access from Dar by road and offers great value for money. But for just a bit more money you can get yourself the amazingly world class Ras Kutani beach lodge; one of the of the best beach lodges on that whole coastline.

Amani Beach Club

Amani Beach Club is located on the main land coast of Tanzania just south of the commercial capital Dar es Salaam. This is a very good value beach hotel on a remote coast. It is mostly used by ex pats from Dar es Salaam who drive down here for the weekend to get away from the busy streets of Dar. We rarely use this hotel as just down the beach is one of our favourite beach lodges in Tanzania- Ras Kutani. This is more expensive but we do feel it’s really worth it

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