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Tanzania Safari | Safari Tours to Tanzania

A Tanzania Safari offers world-class wildlife, beautiful landscapes and some of the continent’s best safari lodges. Tanzania Odyssey can arrange safaris to all the best parks in Tanzania; whether it be in rustic, authentic and charming tented camps or head-over-heels luxury safari lodges in the wilderness. We are in love with Tanzania and so is everyone who visits; tourists are instantly captivated by its charming, friendly people, scenes of uninterrupted beauty and of course the unbelievable wildlife which makes a Tanzania Safari so exceptional.
Scroll down for recommendations on the best Tanzania safari lodges and parks, as well as the best time to visit, the cost of a Tanzania safari and frequently asked questions. Or, simply call us for a chat with one of our Tanzania experts. 

best tanzania safari lodges


A guide to Northern Tanzania Safaris

Northern Tanzania is expensive (comparatively to the south) but offers unrivalled game viewing and is completely iconic. Starting in the northern point, The Serengeti is undeniably world-class and home to The Great Wildebeest Migration as well as the biggest concentration of predators on the planet. The Ngorongoro Crater has a huge amount of the big 5 in a unique and dramatic setting. Surrounding the crater, the Ngorongoro Highlands is home to colourful Masai culture and rolling coffee farms. The Tarangire National Park is an added extra to a northern trip with night drives, fantastic views and a colossal number of elephants. Lake Manyara is another smaller park with flamingos, fantastic land-birdlife & some truly beautiful spots.  

Is a Northern Tanzania safari tour right for you?

If you want to see the stars of Tanzania and all the wildlife in the world in the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, and if have a budget of at least around $4,000 per person then a Northern Tanzania safari will offer you a holiday of a lifetime.

A guide to South & West Tanzania Safaris

The South of Tanzania offers better value accommodation than the north, a less touristy experience but are not as much of ‘big 5 destinations’. Starting south east of Tanzania, the Selous is a huge dry season park offering boating, walking and fly-camping with excellent wild dogs. Ruaha is a beautiful red-earth park where you can enjoy walking, fly-camping and super prides of lions and huge buffalo herds. The west comprises of Katavi and Mahale which are expensive to get to, but because of their relative inaccessibility offer a simply magical experience alone in the wilderness where you can trek chimps & see the big 5.

Is a Southern Tanzania safari tour right for you?

If you like a more sedate and relaxing safari, a bit of boating, walking too and some rare wildlife opportunities in wild dogs galore, the Selous and Ruaha, and if you don’t like people too much, then a Southern Tanzania safari will be the best idea you ever have.

The best luxury safaris in Tanzania

  • The Serengeti - One of the most celebrated safari parks in Africa. 
  • Ruaha - True, wild and unspoilt African bush. Perfect for a real safari enthusiast looking for superb wildlife.
  • The Ngorongoro Crater - As the 8th wonder of the world, it's big 5 wildlife equals it's beauty

    The best time for a safari in Tanzania

    Here, there is no very straight forward answer...! You can go at any point in the year, but for each time of year there are certain pros and cons to be considered. It is best to chat to us, and we can discuss your options. April and May is when the heavy rains hit East Africa and some camps close during this period. The main dry season is from July to October and this is the most popular time to travel, but other times of year also have their individual benefits. Ask one of our Tanzania experts about the whereabouts of the Wildebeest Migration at different months in the year, or for more information explore our Migration Map.

    Tanzania Safari cost

    The more basic options are around $350 per person per night, and pure exclusive luxury options at $2,000 per person per night. We have been working with and re-visiting Tanzania safari lodges for 20years, so have access to special offers so please speak to us, and we can build you an itinerary which takes advantage of these deals. Please also see our itineraries page for more specific costings.
  • best tanzania safari parks


    The best safari lodges in Tanzania

    From rustic and basic tented camps with bucket showers and no electricity, to uber-luxurious permanent camps where every wish is anticipated before it even arises, Tanzania has something to suit everyone

    The best mobile camps in The Serengeti

  • Serengeti Safari Camp - Barefoot and authentic luxury in the wilderness. As soon as you walk into camp, you feel instantly at home. 
  • Olakira - Luxury tented with the simple additions to make your mobile camping experience that bit more luxurious. 
  • Serengeti Under Canvas - The definition of 'glamping' - &beyond's mobile camp hits the spot for those who are suckers for luxury but still want a classic safari experience. 

  • The best luxury safari lodges in The Serengeti

  • Nomad Lamai - Intertwined in the Kjopes of the northern Serenger, Lamai has it all. A luxury lodge in a beautiful setting and a top class safari experience.
  • Singita Faru Faru - The creme de la creme of a Tanzania safari. Singita is a world apart with it's Botswana-style private concession and absolutely incredible attention to detal. For those who want the very best. 

  • For further information on luxury safaris in Tanzania please see our blog.

    Tented Mobile Camp vs Permanent Safari Lodge on a Serengeti Safari

    In the Serengeti, accommodation options become slightly confusing. You can choose between mobile camps, which follow the migration (think glamping... not camping!) and permanent luxury lodges, with a few more comforts such as swimming pools. In the Serengeti, the permanent safari lodges are among the best in Africa and are thus very expensive. The mobile camps can be cheaper, but offer a really authentic classic safari style experience. It really whittles downs to your personal style and budget.

    The best safari lodges on the Ngorongoro Crater rim:

  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - One of the most iconic lodges in Tanzania, this &beyond property is timeless and boasts one of the best views into the crater... Not to mention the ridiculous luxury which comes with it! 
  • Entamanu - With seemless views of both the Serengeti and the crater, Entamanu is absolutely beautiful, both on the inside and out. It is a first class option for an Ngorongoro stay. 

  • The best safari lodges in Southern Tanzania:

  • Ikuka in Ruaha - A rustic vibe offering a really wild experience, but with the luxuries of a permanent lodge. It is beautiful, and one of our absolute favourites for the most intimate and special safaris in Tanzania.
  • Jabali Ridge in Ruaha - Wow luxury - if you are after off the beaten track opulence, then there is absolutely nowhere better. 
  • Sand Rivers in the Selous - Set on the Rufiji, Sand Rivers is a very special place. With the owner ran fele of Ikuka, it is the premium option for a Selous safari. 

  • Tanzania Fly-in Safaris vs 4x4 Safari Tours

    For the most part, the parks of Tanzania are best visited by flying into your different destinations. Southern Tanzania is completely made up of fly-in destinations, as the Selous and Ruaha are relatively inaccessible otherwise. For Northern Tanzania, we like to recommend a half drive and half fly-in safari, as this provides a varied experience, but also in the Ngorongoro Crater, a lot of the time driving can be a cheaper than flying from Kilimanjaro airport after your international flight. Your guide would take you from stop to stop, so don’t worry about ever being stuck on the ground at any point on safari – at Tanzania Odyssey, we have you covered.

    Tanzania Safari and Beach – Zanzibar

    Tanzania is probably one of the best and easiest safari countries to combine the beach with. Our favourite beach hideaway is Zanzibar, due to its diversity in lodgings, activities and not to mention it's beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. With plenty of internal flights from all the national parks, Zanzibar is accessible with really short flights. Other islands to consider are Pemba IslandMafia Island and for those seeking a caste away experience, take a look at Fanjove Private Island. For those who require exclusivity fit for a movie star then there is nowhere else but Mnemba Private Island.

    What to pack and what to wear on safari in Tanzania 

    Advisable packing and clothing are so changeable depending on what you are doing, where and when you are going. The best thing to do is to give us a call and discuss your plans. However, we do have a pre-departure page you can have a peek at for general advice. 

    Where to fly into for a Tanzania Safari? 

    There are two main international airports in Tanzania; Kilimanjaro (JRO) and Dar es Salaam (DAR). Most flights are not direct, and the best ones have only one connection if coming from the UK or the US. 

    Tanzania or South Africa Safari?

    Tanzania has taken a high-quality, low-volume approach to safari tourism, similar to the Botswana model, with emphasis on excellent accommodation, service and guiding, rather than a high volume of tourists. This makes for a much better, more exclusive and intimate safari experience than can be found in other countries which have taken a more mass-market approach such as South Africa. The Kruger can get exceptionally busy, and the other reserves which take a more high-quality approach are ludicrously expensive. You can get a really high-quality safari in Tanzania which you simply can’t get in South Africa for the same money.

    Tanzania safari vacation packages with Tanzania Odyssey 

    For more information on Tanzania, give us a call. We are a team of experts, who regularly visit and re-visit Tanzania to ensure we are up to date with the best lodges and safari spots around the country. Booking with Odyssey means you are sure to get the best deals and tailor made itineraries from our combined in depth knowledge, acquired from 20 years working in Tanzania. It also means from the moment you land off your international flight, we have all your transfers, internal flights and logistics sorted, so you can simply relax and enjoy your Tanzanian adventure.  

    We're mad about Tanzania, but we love the rest of Africa too and have experts to advise on holiday travel in all the main safari countries. If you're not sure where you want to visit, call us and we can work out which country may suit you best. 

    Tanzania Safari further details:

    Is it your first safari? Check out our blog on useful tips for first time safari goers... 

    Between us here in our office we have visited almost every lodge or hotel in Tanzania and Zanzibar that is worth talking about. We can really help clarifying your thoughts, so the best way to book a Tanzania Safari is to get in touch and have a chat with us. Email us on [email protected] or call through in the US on 1866 356 4691 or the UK 020 8704 1216. 

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