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Tanzania Safari; Best Luxury Tanzanian Safaris


Tanzania safari

is something special, whatever your age, budget, interests or previous safari experience. You will find that the colourful charisma which the nation exudes only adds to your diverse and exciting Tanzanian safari. Almost a third of this vast and spectacular country is protected for wildlife viewing, and these areas include some of the best and most varied safari locations in the world. This is a country of incredible natural beauty with a mind boggling range of interesting landscapes, also home to one of the most wildlife dense areas on the planet, the wild Serengeti. 
Tanzania has taken a high-quality, low-volume approach to safari tourism, similar to the Botswana model, with emphasis on excellent accommodation, service and guiding, rather than a high volume of tourists. This makes for a much better, more exclusive and intimate safari experience than can be found in other countries which have taken a more mass-market approach.  Even with high standards, a Tanzania safari is also comparatively good value for money - a very comfortable safari lodge starts at about $400 per person per night - when compared to Botswana where prices range from $1,000 to well over $2,000 pppn, this seems like kittens.   

Tanzania also has an impressive range of safari accommodation across the country to suit every traveller, from the most intrepid and adventurous to the most sophisticated and discerning.  From rustic and basic tented camps with bucket showers and no electricity, to uber-luxurious permanent camps where every wish is anticipated before it even arises, Tanzania will have something to suit everyone.

Why to choose Tanzania for your safari?

1.      Tanzania offers some of the best game viewing and some of the best beaches in the world.  Here, you can seamlessly combine an authentic, wild Tanzania safari with a deserted Indian Ocean beach holiday, all in one trip.
2.      Tanzania has some seriously good lodges at excellent prices for a great-value African safari; at the other end of the scale there are also some fabulous (and astronomically expensive!) lodges offering complete luxury - something for all budgets. 
3.      A Tanzania safari is where you’ll see the phenomenal Great Migration, when 1.5m wildebeest take to the road, following the rains in search of green pastures. This is once-in-a-lifetime stuff and one of the greatest natural events on the planet - a spectacle as such will make for a truly unforgettable safari, unlike any other. 
4.      Tanzania is well-developed in terms of activities on offer. Why not take a hot air balloon trip over the Serengeti, or spend a night fly camping in the bush, or go boating in the Selous..? Variety also sets Tanzania apart. 
5.      Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro! This is the iconic shot you’ll have seen time and time again, of a volcanic, snow-tipped mountain with its head in the clouds. For the adventurous and fit, why not triumph this mammoth mountain and drink a Kilimanjaro beer from it's peak? 

What are the best safari lodges in Tanzania? 

One reason why Tanzania is such a fantastic safari destination is it's wonderful variety of camps, each with different styles that can cater to many people's preference and budget. We have many favourites - too many to count, so let's go from North to South!

In the Serengeti, accomodation options become slightly confusing. You can choose between mobile camps, which follow the migration (think glamping... not camping!) and permanent luxury lodges, with a few more creature comforts such as swimming pools. Among the mobile camps we love the authentic luxury of Serengeti Safari Camp, a Nomad property which really draws upon all notions of what a mobile safari camp should be. We also love Olakira and Serengeti Under Canvas - all are intimate, classically safari-esque, and stylish. 

For those who like the finer things, one of our favourite permanent lodges is Nomad's Lamai, which boasts amazing views, really tasteful decor and delicious food. It is also really well placed to see the Migration river crossings in July-September time - the ultumate safari sight! The Singita range is also right up there with the best in the whole of Africa, with their private Grumeti game reserve, amazing guiding and every facility you could wish for, you will be spoilt rotten in these lavish and meticulously ran properties. Our pick of the Singita options is Faru Faru

When exploring the magnificant Ngorongoro Crater, you can't get much better than Nomad's Entamanu which sits of the crater rim, enjoying sweeping views into the crater and on the other side onto the Serengeti. An amazing position, complete with simple and stylish luxury accomodation. Another option here for the more traditionalist safari-goers is the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - legendary and magnificant, this is &beyond's flagship property. 

In the wild, remote and beautiful Ruaha, our hands down favourite is Ikuka. It is in an extrordinarily beautiful raised spot with it's seemless and subtle architecture, it stands out from the others. It is also very well positioned for fantastic game viewing and general spectacular views, all from the comfort of your room. 

The immense Selous Game Reserve is home to Sand Rivers, another Nomad property and a real favourite of ours. It's vibe is adventurous bare-foot luxury, as with many of Nomad's Tanzania properties. We do recommend a lot of their lodges, but we find that they offer a really exceptional safari experience with brilliant guiding, service and accomodation. 

The best safari lodges in Tanzania

Tanzania Safari Itinerary planning 

25% of Tanzania’s huge landmass is protected as a National Park or Game Reserve for wildlife conservation purposes. Between them, these parks and reserves contain a fantastic variety of dramatic landscapes and a huge range of game, big and small, predators and prey; you are spoiled for choice on a Tanzania safari. 
The Northern Circuit includes the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, home to some of the highest concentrations of predators in Africa, and the world-renowned Serengeti National Park where the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest plays out each year.  Much less visited than the North, the South and West also have some excellent parks which should not be overlooked. 
Both the Northern Circuit and the South and West combine well with a beach extension, either on Tanznaia’s mainland coast or one of the islands off Zanzibar. Zanzibar is our favourite option of all the islands with a huge amount of beach activities and some extremelly reasonably priced lodges.
Tanzania has such a great range of safari lodges and beach options that there's certainly no need to look beyond its borders for either adventure or relaxation. However, if you want to combine Tanzania with another country, Rwanda and Uganda both offer opportunities for gorilla trekking (and there are direct flights between Rwanda and the Serengeti).  Mozambique and the Seychelles offer some of the best beaches in the world - although logistics can be tricky, and they are certainly not cheap. 

Our Top 3 Tanzania Safari Destinations

1. There is a reason the Serengeti is one of the most celebrated safari parks in Africa. With the sprawling mass of 1.5 million wildebeest migrating around it throughout the year, it provides real natural spectacle. Even without the Great Migration, the Serengeti is still one of the most animal dense places on the planet. It epitomises what many think of as the African safari park ideal, with it's expansive acacia dotted plains and cheetahs around every turn - an unbelievable place for any safari-goer. Add on the 8th wonder of the world, the Ngorongoro Crater and you have an exceptional well-rounded safari experience, with it's healthy black rhino numbers, dramatic scenery and also colourful Maasai culture.  

  2. Although the Serengeti has an unbelievable amount of game, Ruaha is the lesser-known and less visited, extremelly attractive alternative (or combination!). It is famous for it's huge, formidable lion prides and massive elephant and buffalo herds. The scenery is also beautiful with the dramatic boabas trees and authentic, untouched landscapes. The beauty of Ruaha is that it offers a really wild experience, which you sometimes cannot get in the Serengeti with it's many tourists. Ruaha is true, wild and unspoilt African bush - perfect for a real safari enthusiast. 

3. The Selous Game Reserve has arguably less game than Ruaha, but it has it's own unique and extremelly inviting perks. Being a game reserve, a safari in the Selous provides alternate activites such as sunset boat cruises and walking safaris. We love the Selous for honeymooners, and also families. It is private, intimate and very romantic for love birds, and diverse with activities for all ages to be enjoyed for families. It is a really fantastic addition to a Tanzania safari. 

4. Now for something completely different... For a really keen and well travelled safari goers, we would recommend Mahale Mountains, which is a unique and remote park in the West of Tanzania. The draw of this is that is provides some of the best chimpanzee viewing in Africa, and in our opinion can actually equal any park on the continent for it's beauty and overall exceptional safari experience. People rarely venture here, but if you do you will be sure to have a completely one of a kind safari, especially when staying at Greystoke Mahale - one of the best safari lodges in the whole of Africa. 

Our favourite Safari parks in Tanzania

How much does a Tanzania Safari cost? 

Tanzania’s local currency is Tanzania Shillings but all the safari lodges and hotels are prices in USD. The price per person we offer for accomodation includes your transfers too and from airports, so you do not need to be worried about being stranded or having to organise your own transportation at any point on your trip! Also inclouded in the accomodation is the park fees, which range from $45 per person per day, up to $120 per person per day, so please consider this when comparing lodges around Tanzania! 

Standards of accomodation vary accross Tanzania, with the more basic options at around $350 per person per night, to pure exclusive luxury options at $2,000 per person per night! There are so many options, but we only ever recommend lodges that we have personally vetted, so they are all great options, it just depends on your budget and what style you are after! We have been working with lodges for almost 20 years, so have access to particular special offers - so please speak to us, and we can build some itineraries which take advantage of these deals! Please click here to get a better idea of the different types of Tanzania itineraries you can expect. 

When is the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania?

Here, there is no very straight forward answer...! You can go at any point in the year, but for each time of year there are certain pros and cons to be considered. It is best to chat to us, and we can get to know you and suggest options which may suit your personal expectations of your trip. That being said though, April and May time is when the heavy rains hit East Africa and some camps close during this period. However, there is a benefit of visiting at this time too! The camps that remain open still host some really decent game in areas such at Seronera in the Serengeti. Also, special offers are rife at this time, so it is an option if you don't mind getting stuck in the mud now and again! The main dry season is from July to October and this is the most popular time to travel, but other times of year also have their individual benifits. Ask one of our Tanzania experts about the whereabouts of the Wildebeest Migration at different months in the year, or for more information explore our Migration Map.

Top 5 Tanzania safari tips

Don’t try and do too much! Tanzania is a vast country and its impossible to visit every park. Each area offers something different so ask us what areas are best suited for you. 
Tanzania is the mother of the mobile safari so be closest to the action by staying at a mobile camp which follows the Migration! 
Keep you safari varied. Vehicle safari is the traditional safari activity, but some areas offer walking safaris, fly camping and boating safaris - this can really add to the experience.
Tanzania is blessed with beautiful coastlines - after your safari spend some time relaxing on the beach to unwind beore your flight home. For the more active, you can scuba dive, snorkell and enjoy a whole range of Indian Ocean activities! 
Tanzania is famous for the Serengeti... but be brave and escape the tourist hot spots to discover the hidden gems of Southern Tanzania.

Tented Mobile Camp vs Permanent Lodge based safari  

Classic tented camps are common in Tanzania, but do not be fooled... It isn't the damp and dreary camping you may be used to! These camps are set up depending on the season, and can be dismantled and moved to follow the best game without any footprint left. The only feature of these mobile camps which may put people off is the showers which are often fed by canvas buckets, leaving you with a hot but 5 mintue shower! 

For longer showers and swimming pools, you are looking at the permanent lodge style of accomodation. Permanent lodges are often raised on wooden platforms, generally boast better views, and feel a bit more solid than a tented experience. However, these luxuries do come at a price! Both will provide amazing safari experiences - mobile camps being more rustic and authentic, and permanent builds having those few more creature comforts!  

What type of safaris does Tanzania offer?

Activities on a Tanzania safare are wide rangins and include game drives, night game drives, walking safaris, boating safaris and even trekking the Mahale Mountains in search of wild chimpanzees. Each park has different landscapes and different restrictions on activities, so do get in touch with us about your interests and we can advise you which is the best area to visit! A lot of people ask about off-roading whilst on a safari in Tanzania, and whist it is not always something that is officially allowed, often you can venture into the bush to get a bit closer to the wildlife if it is a restricted view from the road. Generally, if walking and boating off the beaten track sounds like your kind of safari, then South and West Tanzania is the best option here. Whilst some areas of Northern Tanzania allow walking, the traditional driving safari is the norm. 

Tanzania safari Vs Kenya safari

Tanzania and Kenya are both fantastic East Africa safari destinations. Kenya has been involved in safari and tourism for a lot longer than Tanzania, and as a result made the mistake of allowing for large hotels, fuelling a more mass market feel throughout Kenya's parks. Tanzania saw this, and so developed a theme of fewer but higher quality lodges and camps. So when choosing whether to see the Great Migration from the Serengeti, or the Masai Mara, we would say the Serengeti because it is simply less busy. The theme of busy tourism in Kenya vs Tanzania seeps into the beaches too, so we prefer the islands off the coast of Tanzania for a relaxing beach experience. Whilst Kenya boasts some really great rivers for boating safaris, so does the Selous in Tanzania... Tanzania really does have it all! 

What should I combine my Tanzania safari with? 

Tanzania is probably one of the best and easiest safari countries to combine the beach with. Our favourite beach hideaway is Zanzibar, due to its diversity in lodgings, activities and not to mention it's beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. With plenty of internal flights from all the national parks, Zanzibar is accessible with really short flights. Other islands to consider are Pemba Island, Mafia Island and for those seeking a caste away experience, take a look at Fanjove Private Island. For those who require exclusivity fit for a movie star then there is nowhere else but Mnemba Private Island.

Tanzania Safari further details:

Between us here in our office we have visited almost every lodge or hotel in Tanzania and Zanzibar that is worth talking about. We can really help clarifying your thoughts, so the best way to book a Tanzania Safari is to get in touch and have a chat with us. Email us on [email protected] or call through in the US on 1866 356 4691 or the UK 020 8704 1216. 

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