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Tanzania Safari


Tanzania safari

is something special, whatever your age, budget, interests or previous safari experience.  Almost a third of this vast and spectacular country is protected for wildlife viewing, and these areas include some of the best and most varied safari locations in the world.  This is a region of incredible natural beauty with a fantastic range of landscape and terrain. 
Tanzania has taken a high-quality, low-volume approach to safari tourism, similar to the Botswana model, with an emphasis on excellent accommodation, service and guiding, rather than a high volume of tourists.  This makes for a much better, more exclusive and intimate, safari experience than can be found in some other African countries which have taken a more mass-market approach.  Notwithstanding the high standards, a Tanzania safari is also comparatively good value for money - a good safari lodge starts at about $400 per person per night, by comparison with Botswana where accommodation starts at about $1,000 and the best lodges are well over $2,000 per person per night. 

Tanzania also has an impressive range of safari accommodation across the country to suit every traveller, from the most intrepid and adventurous to the most sophisticated and discerning.  From rustic and basic tented camps with bucket showers and no electricity, to uber-luxurious permanent camps where every wish is anticipated before it even arises, Tanzania will have something to suit you.

Tanzania Safaris: Top 5 reasons to go

1.      Tanzania offers some of the best game viewing, and some of the best beaches, in the world.  Here you can seamlessly combine an authentic, wild Tanzania safari with a deserted Indian Ocean beach holiday, all in one trip.
2.      Tanzania has some seriously good lodges at excellent prices for a great-value African safari; at the other end of the scale there are also some fabulous (and astronomically expensive!) lodges offering the last word in luxury… 
3.      A Tanzania safari is where you’ll see the phenomenal Great Migration, when 1.5m wildebeest take to the road, following the rains in search of green pastures. This is once-in-a-lifetime stuff and the ultimate wildlife experience.
4.      Tanzania is well-developed in terms of activities on offer. Why not take a hot air balloon trip over the Serengeti, or spend a night fly camping in the bush, or go boating in the Selous..?
5.      Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro! This is the iconic shot you’ll have seen time and time again, of a volcanic, snow-tipped mountain with its head in the clouds, with an elephant or two strolling past in the foreground. 

When to go

When to go on safari in Tanzania is a tricky question to answer, as each season is blessed with its own charms; however game viewing is usually best during the dry season of June to October, and again from December to March. 
The long rains come during April and May, and the short rains during November. During the rains, the plains turn green and offer plenty of sustenance, and the wildlife spreads out making it harder to spot.  In between the rains is the dry season, particularly from June to October. During the dry season, as water sources diminish and vegetation dries out, the wildlife has no option but to seek water at the limited water holes, guaranteeing a spectacular pageant of predatory action. 
The best safari lodges and camps do get booked up well in advance during the peak (dry) season, so it's best to plan ahead

Tanzania's best Safari Lodges

Our Top 3 Tanzania Safari Destinations

1.       Our hands-down favourite place for a Tanzania safari is the Selous Game Reserve in the south of the country, which is the largest game reserve in Africa.  As a game reserve rather than a national park, the Selous offers a wider range of activities, including boating, walking and fly camping in the bush.  Accommodation is better value (offering more luxury for your money), and the parks are closer both to each other and to the beach, meaning less travelling time.
2.       A close second to Selous in our top 3 Tanzania Safari destinations is Ruaha National Park, which has remained unspoilt by mass tourism and as a result offers an authentic and intimate safari experience.
3.       We can’t put together a top 3 safari Tanzania destinations list and not mention the unique and incredible Ngorongoro Crater!  The Crater has a healthy population of black rhino and some of the largest tusker elephants left in Africa, in one of the most beautiful natural wildlife settings in the world; this is also an exceptional place to interact with people from the Maasai tribe.

Tanzania's best safari Parks

Tanzania Safari tinerary Suggestions

25% of Tanzania’s huge landmass is protected as a national park or game reserve for wildlife conservation purposes.  Between them, these parks and reserves contain a fantastic variety of dramatic landscapes and a huge range of game, big and small, predators and prey; you are spoiled for choice on a Tanzania safari. 
The northern circuit includes the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, home to some of the highest concentrations of predators in Africa, and the world-renowned Serengeti National Park  where the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest plays out each year.  Much less visited than the North, the South and West also have some excellent parks which should not be overlooked. 
Both the northern circuit and the South and West combine well with a beach extension, either on Tanznaia’s mainland coast or one of the islands along the coast.
Tanzania has such a great range of romantic safari lodges and beach options that there's certainly no need to look beyond its borders for either adventure or relaxation.  However, if you want to combine Tanzania with another country, Rwanda and Uganda both offer opportunities for gorilla trekking (and there are direct flights between Rwanda and the Serengeti).  Mozambique and the Seychelles offer some of the best beaches in the world - although logistics can be tricky, and they are certainly not cheap




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Map of Tanzania

Tanzania Map Tanzania - Serengeti Tanzania - Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania - Lake Manyara Tanzania - Tarangire Tanzania - Kilimanjaro Tanzania - Selous Game Reserve Tanzania - Ruaha Tanzania - Mahale Mountains Tanzania - Katavi Tanzania - Zanzibar Tanzania - Pemba Island Tanzania - Mafia Island Tanzania - Dar es Salaam Tanzania - Arusha
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