April 2014

April 25, 2014

Migration Update

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Our news and report this week comes from our guides at Dunia Camp, situated in the central Serengeti, known as Moru.

The wildebeest have done quite a bit of moving these last two weeks. Our guides are happy to report that the migration is now much closer to Dunia Camp as many of them have moved into the Seronera valley right in the heart of the Serengeti, which makes the access to them a lot easier. The guides say that although many of them are in the Seronera valley, there are still herds found down towards Naabi and also behind Naabi in an area known as ‘the hidden valley’ as well as ‘Western Ndutu’.

We can soon look forward to amazing sightings from Ubuntu Camp, when the wildebeest arrive in the Western Corridor and crossing the Grumeti River!

January 23, 2014

Migration Update from the Serengeti

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“Ndutu has received some fresh rain and that brought us back in big herds into the woodlands and plains around Ndutu, all the way from Kusini  towards Hidden Valley and scattered all over the plains towards Naabi and Piyaya.


A small number of calves have been born already, but the majority of the mama’s are still holding on. Plenty of little Gazelle and Zebra around though so lots of Cheetah action in and around the Ndutu plains. More and more predators seem to be arriving by the day. Daunting times to be giving birth!


Our favourite little camp, SSC, is buzzing and surrounded by lots of us and we’ve been passing right through camp! We hope that our constant noises and random galloping through camp at night will not disturb you humans too much!”


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March 5, 2012

Migration update

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The rains have now reached the Ndutu region in the eastern reaches of the Serengeti, enticing many of the wildebeest herds back. The mega herd is now happily grazing the grassy plains approximately 4 km northwest of the Ndutu airstrip. Both &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas camps are right in the middle of the action, very close to the herds: one camp is situated by Lake Masek; while the other is located at Lake Ndutu. Our guests are being spoiled with unforgettable sightings of the massive herds, as well as a striped hyena, tree-climbing lions and a female cheetah with her four cubs. The mother hunts every few days to feed her young, allowing for some really exciting sightings for our guests. Watch this space as the drama continues to unfold!

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