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We believe in the value of information, and here you can find a comprehensive lodge list. It can be usefully sorted by name, location, cost or our Odyssey rating*.  This functionality allows you to compare and weigh up your recommended options at your leisure.

These are the majority of the accommodation options that we recommend in Tanzania, and we can provide further details of each one if you are interested.

Part of our ethos is to present you with a clear and impartial, informative service. In line with this, we believe it is useful to compare and contrast all of the various lodges and accommodation that we recommend.

*Please note that our rating system is entirely of our own devising and has no bearing beyond being the opinion of our team; it is explained further when you hover over the rating symbol on each lodge page…
We have devised this rating based on our own feedback and discussions, and it is based as much on value for money and good service as on amenities available. Thus a high star rating may not be the most expensive option, as you will see.
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