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February 12, 2015

The Cadogan guide to Tanzania

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We are justifiably proud of our expertise when it comes to the best of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Very few tour operators have as many days in-country as we do but, when out in Tanzania, we don’t just visit the good stuff. We also have a wealth of knowledge about the country’s less visited areas that do not feature on our site.

We have all contributed to this growing database over the years but we have within our ranks an expert amongst experts, our director Annabel, writer of the Cadogan guide to Tanzania. After a quick scan through her book we think you’ll agree – few people know Tanzania better than her! If you have an interest in the road less travelled, you will find it sated by her fantastic guide.

The Cadogan guide to Tanzania As well as information on some of Tanzania’s lesser visited areas, the guide provides a background to some of the areas we do recommend as well as a brief history. Even though we plan your trip to perfection and provide all the necessary information, it’s still nice to come with a little local knowledge.

You may find it enriches your travelling experience! For those who prefer a hard copy, you can still buy the second edition at Amazon or you can wait til we finish the 3rd edition! To see all the chapters simply click on the Guidebook category on the toolbar to the right. Links to the major chapters can also be found below.




Other areas


July 1, 2015

Tanzania voted best safari country in Africa

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Tanzania voted best safari country in Africa
A new poll crowns the East African country the king of safaris

Tanzania is the best place for a safari, according to a new poll.
First problem when considering a safari — where to go.

Zimbabwe has the majestic Victoria Falls, South Africa great boutique reserves.

Kenya offers chances to see big cats and Botswana is a leader in eco-friendly tours.

But you’d be best off selecting Tanzania, according to a recent poll on

The Netherlands-based website polled 1,000 safari tourists and 756 experts, including guidebook authors from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommer’s, Bradt and Footprint, over two years.

The result: Tanzania is a clear favorite for novice and veteran safari-goers alike.

“Tanzania is home to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater,” wrote Tim Bewer, a Lonely Planet guides author and one of the experts polled. “This alone makes a solid case for declaring it Africa’s best safari country.”

Adventure calls

Tanzania has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including safari favorites the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park, home to millions of wildebeest that form one of the world’s most spectacular sights as they migrate the area year-round.

The country is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Tanzania’s only drawback, according to Safari Bookings, is that there are “too many highlights to fit in one safari.”

The news comes as welcome affirmation of the country as a tourist destination, after a recent bombing at a rally that killed two in Arusha. That event sparked anxiety among visitors.

Ratings out of 5 of Africa’s top safari countries

As voted by tourists and safari experts

Tanzania – 4.84
Botswana – 4.75
Kenya – 4.66
Zambia – 4.58
South Africa – 4.55
Namibia – 4.54
Uganda – 4.16
Zimbabwe – 4.14

April 24, 2015

Wellbeing and Healthcare for Tourists in Tanzania

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The old phrase about how ‘travel broadens the mind’ remains true, even despite the vastly increased access to world travel that the modern age has brought. In fact, if you are looking to broaden your horizons, then travel is one of the fastest and most effective ways of changing your perspective. If you’re travelling to Tanzania from afar, then expect to find a lot of unforgettable sights – such as Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as any amount of big game on the national parks. It’s not for nothing that this wonderful country scored a valuable top 10 slot in the New York Times list of best places to visit!

Yes, this is a strikingly beautiful country – and a friendly one too. So if you’re planning a trip or extended stay in Tanzania, we’ve put together a list of some things to consider while you’re preparing for your stay. According to the UK government’s foreign travel advice service, there are upwards of 70,000 tourists from that country who make their way to Tanzania every year. With that many tourists from the UK alone, as you can imagine there are a very large number of tourists visiting Tanzania each year from other parts of Europe as well as the America, Asia and everywhere else.

Medical Facilities

While Tanzania offers a great tourist experience, it’s important to be aware of the fact that the medical facilities outside the major population centres in Tanzania (as well as many other African countries) are often basic. This means that you will need the appropriate type (and level of) medical insurance. There are occasionally story of people going uninsured in vary locations worldwide – and the costs of medical repatriation can be very high. Prior to travel you will also need to ensure that you have any necessary vaccinations. Remember that these don’t work on your immune system as instantly as flipping a switch. See your doctor early – a good couple of months or more in advance of the date you intend to travel. Your doctor will also be able to advise regarding any other concerns you may have, such as existing medications.

Beware of the Sun

If you’re from a country whose climate offers a little less sunshine than Tanzania, then be sure to get ‘sun smart’ and apply the right level of sun protection. Lotions that only offer slight protection won’t suffice if you are fair-skinned – so think about using sun block or a high protection factor product. And make sure you have a hat too – very handy for keeping the sun at bay. Finally – make sure you’re up to speed with visa requirements before you go. According to the UK Government it’s possible to get a tourist visa on arrival, but this will be subject to your meeting all immigration requirements. So to eliminate any doubt it’s best to apply in advance.


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March 13, 2015


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3 Safari Destinations You have to Visit Before You Die

For many people, going on an African safari is a dream vacation. But it’s important to choose the right area of the continent for the life-changing sights you want to see. Africa is overflowing with natural beauty and rare wildlife, unlike anywhere else in the world. Here are the places you should visit to make the most of your safari adventure.

Tanzania This Eastern Africa country is well known for its variety of landscapes, from lush green vegetation, to beaches and lakes, to the amazing peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hiking the lower slopes of the mountain, you can see various species of birds and monkeys, as well as giraffes and buffalo. Visitors to Tanzania also get to meet and interact with local tribes like the Maasai, who lead hiking trips to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This UNESCO World Heritage Site contains 25,000 species of large animals, including black rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, cheetah, and one of Africa’s densest population of lions. Whatever you’re aiming to see in Africa, a Tanzania safari has something for everyone.


Kruger National Park Kruger Park is located in South Africa, known for its incredible diversity of wildlife and its easy access to skilled game trackers and guides. Kruger is a prime location for travellers interested in a luxury safari experience, because it offers superb accommodations and the chance for game drives with wildlife experts. In the park itself, you can spot 145 mammal species – rhinos, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, and more. Only four hours from international hub Johannesburg, a Kruger safari can be combined with visits to other urban hot spots like Cape Town. For travellers interested in African culture as well as animals, it remains one of the best destinations for a safari vacation.


Serengeti National Park Africa’s most famous wildlife park is covered in grassy plains and home to the largest collection of wild predators in the world. The Serengeti is known as home to the Great Migration, where herds of wildebeest and zebra move clockwise through the area, searching for places to graze. This allows them to be stalked by a variety of predators, including many big cats. Lions, leopards, and cheetah abound, but so do hyenas and crocodiles. There are a wide variety of options for camping in the Serengeti and for viewing wildlife, even including hot air balloon safaris. Overall, the park earns its reputation as the one of the most majestic safari destinations in Africa. Whichever safari option you choose, you are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime. Whether you prefer climbing mountains or sleeping in luxury tents, experiencing Africa’s breathtaking scenery and exotic animals is something you will never forget. Crossing this trip off your bucket list may be easier than you think.

February 18, 2015

The African Rainforest Conservancy

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We are delighted to be supporting the African Rainforest Conservancy

Founded in 1991, ARC conserves and restores African rain forests through grassroots conservation and community development projects. One of Conservation International’s “ten most threatened forest hot spots” with just 10 percent of their original habitat remaining, they are among the oldest forests in the world with the greatest density of endemic species.  Working alongside its field partner, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG), ARC currently supports more than 200 villages in eight mountain and coastal regions throughout Tanzania that are working together to protect 250,000 acres of forest – an area 300 times the size of Central Park. Our village network has planted over fifteen million trees to reduce human pressure on the natural forests and improved the lives of over 275,000 local people.

We are all affected by the loss of East Africa’s rain forests. Not only do they support the livelihoods of local people and provide habitat for hundreds of endemic species, they clean the air we breathe, protect watersheds, and help to regulate the global climate. These are our forests too. Event proceeds provide core operational support for our conservation programs, including environmental education, tree planting, and support to hundreds of women’s and youth groups now engaged in sustainable income-generating activities.

Learn more at:

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