Secret Serengeti | Ted’s Tanzania Trip Report

27th February 2024

Secret Serengeti | Ted’s Tanzania Trip Report


The Serengeti is one of the most iconic safari destinations in Africa and should be on any safari enthusiast’s list, however, it often comes with the concern that this beautiful ecosystem has to be shared with lots of other vehicles and tourists. Sadly, this can be the case in a few honey pot sites, but with careful planning, this can be avoided.

That is where we come in, Africa Odyssey started as Tanzania Odyssey in 1998 and we have been visiting the Serengeti ever since. On my most recent trip at the end of January 2024, my mission was to find the best spots for the migration, without seeing other tourists. Some would say this is mission impossible, but it can be achieved, especially if you are happy to stretch your legs. Here’s our Serengeti Secret!

sunset in the Serengeti

Serengeti Vistas

TANAPA who run the Serengeti National Park has designated some areas that are used for only walking safaris, these spots are often off the beaten track but still within reach of regions the migration tends to pass, giving you the best of both worlds. On my recent trip, I spent 12 days driving around the Serengeti exploring these different locations. North Tanzania is beautiful and green in January, the lushest grasses have sprouted, there’s a baby boom and the quantity of migratory birds are all great reasons to travel at this time of the year.  Of course, the highlight is seeing the wonderous herds of wildebeest on these never-ending plains.

enoying the serengeti

Wayo Africa, who have close ties with Tanapa, run some of the best campsite spots in Serengeti. They can choose spots not accessible to anyone else. They always want to be in the most tucked away areas, whilst still being close to the action. For the ultimate Serengeti experience their Trekking Camp is the best choice for experiencing true wilderness in the Serengeti. This simple camp is booked exclusively for a group so they can choose from one of their incredible spots. On my recent trip, we camped at Barafu Kopjes, a cluster of beautiful rocks poking out of the endless plains on the eastern side of the Serengeti. As the sun set and we were enjoying a drink around the campfire, two male lions on patrol descended off a nearby Kopje and came to check us out, they remained by camp all night as we slept in a small comfortable tent at the base of the kopje.

map reading serengeti

Lots of exploring!

The next morning, we drove across the plains to start a walking safari on a river gorge, we quickly located some vultures on a buffalo carcass and later discovered another pride of lion resting after a buffalo kill from the night before. As we drove back across the plains to head to our next camp location we came across thousands of wildebeest, zebra on the move as well as some of the largest herds of eland I have seen. More lion, cheetah and everyone’s favourite: hyena, were everywhere. It was one of the best drives I have been on in the Serengeti, and the only other vehicle we saw contained a film crew. The idea of the Wayo Trekking Camp is you can book it for as many nights as you wish depending on how long you want to enjoy the Serengeti. It is a magnificent way to see the Serengeti in a completely different way.

Wayo has been involved in guide training in Tanzania for years and as a result, has some of the best guides in Tanzania. This, in combination with their locations, is a winning formula. So for those who were worried about the Serengeti being too busy, here is your opportunity – but don’t tell too many people about it!