Introducing Wayo: The Tanzania Company That’s Changing Serengeti Safaris

8th May 2024

The Serengeti National Park is one of the wildest places on the planet, and certainly the quintessential safari destination with its endless horizons, the thunder of the Great Migration, and prowling predators lurking around every turn. But there’s a catch: lots of people understandably flock there. Some areas can get busy with tourists, which is not exactly a desirable outcome on your wilderness getaway.

Luckily, a fabulous little company called Wayo has the answer. Spearheaded by Jean du Plessis – responsible for training guides throughout Tanzania – it’s no wonder the guiding here is second-to-none: that’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of a safari well and truly taken care of.

Elephants in Wayo Manyara

© Wayo Tanzania

What’s more, its camps – in the Serengeti and Lake Manyara – are the definition of classic safari romance, without all that glossy modern fuss. Wayo has stripped safari back from its golden-bridled high horse to what it should be: an immersion in nature. The camps are placed in areas intentionally tucked away from the Serengeti crowds, but within touching distance of where you need to be – like a stone’s throw away from the Great Migration, for instance.

Uniquely, the Serengeti camps – Wayo Green Camp and Wayo Little Green Camp – have designated walking safari spots, which are not possible anywhere else in the Serengeti. Meanwhile, Wayo Walking Camp offers a truly unique experience – a private camp hire, which can up sticks and move around the Serengeti, allowing you to walk to a new spot every night. You can take a group of friends, family, and do something truly out of this world – and experience it all to yourself.

Wayo Serengeti Green Camp

© Wayo Tanzania

Fear not though – Wayo isn’t camping as you know it. The beds are plush, even on the fly-camping safari, the food is scrumptious, and the experience is a wilderness lover’s idea of heaven.

If that’s not enough, Wayo also boasts the only lodge in the beautiful Lake Manyara National Park, meaning a two-night add on either before or after your Serengeti safari has never been more tempting. It’s again tucked away off the bustle of the entrance to the park (day trippers galore), and sits on a dry river bed that’s always got something prowling or stomping past.