The African Rainforest Conservancy

18th February 2015

We are delighted to be supporting the African Rainforest Conservancy

Founded in 1991, ARC conserves and restores African rain forests through grassroots conservation and community development projects. One of Conservation International’s “ten most threatened forest hot spots” with just 10 percent of their original habitat remaining, they are among the oldest forests in the world with the greatest density of endemic species.  Working alongside its field partner, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG), ARC currently supports more than 200 villages in eight mountain and coastal regions throughout Tanzania that are working together to protect 250,000 acres of forest – an area 300 times the size of Central Park. Our village network has planted over fifteen million trees to reduce human pressure on the natural forests and improved the lives of over 275,000 local people.

We are all affected by the loss of East Africa’s rain forests. Not only do they support the livelihoods of local people and provide habitat for hundreds of endemic species, they clean the air we breathe, protect watersheds, and help to regulate the global climate. These are our forests too. Event proceeds provide core operational support for our conservation programs, including environmental education, and support to hundreds of women’s and youth groups now engaged in sustainable income-generating activities.