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About Tanzania Odyssey

We have been working in Tanzania for over 15 years, developing a network of failsafe contacts and creating the neatest and most effective itineraries to suit your interests and requirements. Tanzania has been our focus and our passion for decades, and we specialise in Tanzania bookings, although over time we have developed specialist advisors for all of the best African safari countries, bookable through our sister company Africa Odyssey.
Experience counts for so much. Our MD, Marc, is a director of the Africa Travel and Tourism Association and continues to judge The Good Safari Guide. Our Tanzania director, Annabel, wrote and subsequently updated the Cadogan Guide to Tanzania and Zanzibar. All of our consultants have extensive, and ever-increasing, on-the-ground experience. Talk to us to discuss your ideas; our unparalleled knowledge will help you get the best out of your safari holiday or honeymoon.

Meet the Team - Tanzania Odyssey Face to Face

We always encourage our clients to come and meet us, to discuss safari options with the benefit of fresh coffee in our offices in Putney.  A private presentation from an expert, with maps and photographs, brochures and videos, is, without doubt, the very best and most efficient way of establishing the best itinerary for you.  Every member of our team has travelled extensively throughout Africa; in fact, we make regular trips to ensure that our knowledge is up to date, and that we remain wholly opinionated!  We are dedicated to giving our clients the very highest quality service and get great satisfaction from devising beautiful itineraries to suit any budget.

We have recently set up a satellite office in Vienna operated by Leo and Frankie the old managers at Ras Kutani whom many of you will know.  Please see their blog at

Along those lines we have also set up other foreign language sites at , , , ,
  • Marc Harris

    Managing Director

    Following years of travelling and exploring, Marc started organising safaris for clients in the mid 1990s.  Specialising in the then lesser-known safari regions, he set up Tanzania Odyssey; a focused, specialist company providing the very best itineraries and safari support in Tanzania.  Marc has a natural flair for itinerary planning and a keen passion for the finest safari and beach experiences, all of which he continues to test assiduously, whenever possible.  A natural perfectionist, his unrivalled zest for world experiences makes him a sturdy helmsman for all of your African Odysseys.  Marc's Africa knowledge is decades in the making and he also specialises in the Indian Ocean locations of Seychelles and Mauritius.  Now a judge of The Good Safari Guide and a director of the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA), he is one of the most respected safari consultants in the world.
    Contact Marc Harris >
  • Ted Archdale


    Ted joined the Africa Odyssey team in 2010, and quickly made himself an invaluable asset.  Having completed a degree in Anthropology, specialising in the study of primates, Ted furthers his knowledge with real, on the ground experience. Ted is a careful itinerary planner, with a genuine passion for travelling and exploring that enhances all of our client experiences. Ted has recently made some enviable fact-finding trips to Western Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana, increasing his knowledge base substantially.  He is also heading up our new India program. Contact Ted Archdale >
  • Annabel Skinner


    Annie was travel writing on a freelance basis before being comissioned to write the Cadogan Guide to Tanzania in the mid 1990s. The joy of writing and researching the first edition over a two year period inspired a life-long passion for this endlessly breathtaking country. The success of the first edition led to a second edition five years later, and we continue to hope for a chance to collate the third!  Tanzania and Zanzibar remain Annie's main focus, although she also works on the best family itineraries for those travelling with young children, invariably combining safaris and the best of the Indian Ocean.
    Contact Annabel Skinner >
  • Dave Fuller

    Senior Consultant

    Dave's passion for travel was with him from an early age; during his teens he travelled through most of Asia and Latin America, and Africa soon followed.  On a one way ticket he headed to South Africa, walked straight through Mozambique, caught malaria in Zimbabwe, and got lost in Malawi, where he also received an offer of marriage from a Witch Doctor (a dangerous proposal to turn down).  Reassuringly, his itineraries are nothing like this.  His travels later took him to Tanzania and extensively through Botswana; and he is especially fond of the wilderness of the southern parks.  As well as being a Tanzania and Botswana specialist, Dave heads up our Asia Odyssey desk.  Though it pains me to say it, he is probably the best travelled of all of us.  A lover of sand, he is master of the best beaches in the world. Contact Dave Fuller >
  • George Hannan


    Hailing from Staines, it comes as no surprise that George travelled as extensively as possible from a very early age.  His travels have taken him across Asia, Australasia, Africa and North America but it was Tanzania to which he repeatedly returned.  He has worked in travel since leaving university and his passion for adventure shines through everything he does.  A Serengeti specialist, we’re fairly sure he knows several of the great migration’s wildebeest by name.  Happy with luxury but at home in a tented camp, George is your man for a fantastic personalised trip to Tanzania. Contact George Hannan >

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Our Favourites

We have specialised in tailor-made Tanzania Holidays and Tanzania Safaris since 1998.  Our knowledge and experience will guarantee you the very best possible itinerary for your budget and travel dates, and your money is protected by our ATOL bond.



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