Asilia’s Photographic Vehicle

18th December 2020

Asilia’s Photographic Vehicle

Throughout my trip to Tanzania during October, I stayed at a number of different lodges in Tarangire National Park as well as the Serengeti National Park. What followed was a serene and tranquil escape from the madness that had engulfed the UK during late Autumn.

One of my highlights was using one of Asilia’s Photographic Vehicles during my stay at their permanent lodge in the North of the Serengeti: Sayari. No other company offers such a modified vehicle in the Serengeti, and for anyone remotely interested in photography, it is a brilliant addition to your safari.

Make sure you enquire with your Africa consultant though, as the vehicles are very popular and limited to one per camp.

As seen in the video above, using their vehicle not only helped me get some great angles that would not normally be possible in an ordinary vehicle. It also gave me exclusivity and privacy away from other travellers. When booking the vehicle, you hire it exclusively so there is no pressure from other people who want to move from one sighting to another.

hyena and vulture

We spent over an hour photographing this hyena as it gorged itself. © Sam Hankss

Asilia’s guides are all trained to understand the needs a photographer may need, as well as the necessary animal behaviours that are required to be a safari guide. With this in mind, you can be sure that they will get you in the best possible positions for your photos, whilst also keeping the animal’s welfare into consideration when doing so.

photographing river crossing

With a fold-back roof, high shots for the river crossings were also possible. © Sam Hankss

The vehicle is lighter than the other normal vehicles, however the few extra bumps are certainly worth it to get those low angle shots and have a vehicle all to yourself. I used the group photographic vehicle which allows up to six guests but can be modified to only contain three or four. For couples, or two friends, the smaller photographic vehicle is even better! With swivelling seats as well as the fold down sides and a fold back roof, all your photographic needs will certainly be catered for.





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