Money advice guide for US holiday makers heading to Tanzania

6th December 2018

We get asked a lot about how much money and what kind of money to bring on a Tanzania holiday. We hope this blog clears up the confusion!

So throughout Tanzania in the lodges, hotels and camps you will be staying at, US dollars are widely accepted. No need to even go to the bank if you are coming from the US!

On safari, most of the camps and lodges we work with operate on an all-inclusive basis which means all your game viewing activities are taken care of, as well as food and drinks during your stay. The only thing which is not included is any personal purchases, or premium spirits. It could be that your accommodation is full board, which still means your game viewing activities are included (as in all our itineraries) as well as all your meals, but drinks are excluded.

If you are heading off to Zanzibar pre or post safari, most of the mid-range options and bigger hotels operate on a half board basis. We usually opt for this as it means your breakfast and dinner are included, but lunch is not, which is just as well because we know people like to get out and about during the day. Your activities will not be included, to make sure you bring some extra cash for these (as well as drinks). Some of the higher end little hotels operate on a all-inclusive basis as they are fairly confident that their guests will not want to tear themselves away from the luxury of their private villas for too long!

As a little guide…

Drink prices range from lodge to lodge and hotel to hotel, but as a guide, a beer is usually around $3, a glass of wine around $4 and a G&T is probably going to be around $4 too.


When on safari, it is completely up to you how much you decide to tip, but as a rough guide, we would usually say around $10 per person per day for your guide, and $10 per person per day to go into the staff tip box, which is usually located in the main area of your camp.

You may want to also give your transfer drivers in Zanzibar a little tip too (though we would have included the transfer in the cost, some people like to tip too).

Of course though, how much you tip is down to your own discretion and is essentially up to you!

We hope this has been helpful as a guide to how much money to bring on your Tanzania adventure. If you still aren’t sure, give us a call and we can take you through any extra costs on your specific trip.

Happy planning!