It may all seem completely overwhelming... too much information, so many choices... but DON'T PANIC!

It is incredibly beneficial to telephone us during the early planning stages. We will narrow down your options, according to time of year, budget, your dreams and ideals as compared and contrasted with your travelling companions (especially important for honeymoons !)...

Years of exploring and working in Tanzania has given us a very wide ranging knowledge, and we are aware of how much there is to take in. For this reason, we always take time to sit down and provide you with a full travel presentation. We will talk through all of your options with the benefit of photographs, videos and brochures.

If you cannot make it in person, enjoy the benefit of a ‘Virtual Presentation’ from the comfort of your own home. We are able to discuss and demonstrate all options and possibilities over the telephone, via our comprehensive website, with reviews, slideshows and videos of all our recommendations.

We believe our website is nowadays the best place to research your trip, with reviews, ratings, videos, maps, and slideshows, however for those who prefer the comfort of an old fashioned brochure then our brochure can be downloaded here, or please email us to request a physical brochure through the post. 

For those interested in history and more details about the country please read extracts from the Cadogan Guide to Tanzania written by our very own Annie

For a simple guide to Tanzania and Zanzibar that you can take away and read on the tube please download our Tanzania Guide here