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Fundu Lagoon

Fundu Lagoon is a great lodge for diving and snorkelling.  It has some excellent sites and is known for the quality of its coral life.  It is also perfect for honeymooners, but if you’re after a quality beach there may be an issue!  It is very tidal and there isn’t much of an idyllic white beach like you get on Zanzibar.  However, it does make up for the lack of beach in the quality of the lodge and the all inclusive rate.  The rooms are tented and unless you go for the suites or superior suites, the high prices are not justified.


Fundu Lagoon Rates:
$490 per person

Our rating:

Client rating:
[100% based on 4 reviews]

Fundu Lagoon Lodge - The Hotel Facts 

Fundu Lagoon is located on the west coast of Pemba Island, which is north of Zanzibar by only a 35 minute flight.  The lodge is a 45 minute drive from the airport and the final ten minutes is by speed boat.  Slightly out of the way for most Tanzania holidays, but once you get there it is a stunning property.

The main area is built out of wood and raised up on the natural incline of the coastline.  There is a prominent bar that dominates the upper central area with the main restaurant to one side.  A small area filled with cushions and bean bags is hidden by the bar, and there is a TV room with pool table in a separate unit nearby.  On the other side of the property there is an enormous pool with a pool and restaurant, famous for the happy hour cocktails!  There is also a sunset bar located at the lodge side of the very long pier.

The lodge is a linear design with the rooms stretching down the beach in two layers.  All the rooms have big beds, good bathrooms and fans, but no air conditioning.  The hillside rooms are behind the beach front rooms.  They are tented and consist of a small balcony that looks out towards the sea.  There are beach suites and a jungle suite which both have private plunge pools and salas outside with a minibar.  The superior suites are the best rooms and these are huge double storey wooden structures with excellent private, outdoor space.

The activities here are extensive including, wind surfing, sailing boats, diving, snorkelling and kayaking.  The beach is ok but not excellent, but the amazing lodge facilities and quality makes up for it. A great location to look for a Tanzania honeymoon


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