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Kigelia is the least commercial product in Ruaha and offers a unique product.  Owned and run by Nomad, this eco focused camp blends in extremely well with its environment, aided by very good guides and a great camp character.  Although it is rather basic in design, the high quality is obvious throughout your stay. It is a top choice for a Ruaha safari. 


Kigelia Rates:
$860 per person

Our rating:

Client rating:
[100% based on 4 reviews]

Kigelia Camp - The Facts 

This camp is located in the south eastern section of the main area in southern Ruaha.  The camp is 45 minutes from the Msembe airstrip and its nearest neighbour is Mwagusi Camp, about 25 minutes away.

The main area of the camp seems tiny, which it actually is, but the design and character of the camp, bulk it out.  The communal area is simply a canvas and wooden structure with a few sofas and coffee tables.  There is a drinks cabinet and shelves, and for meal times, a large teak table and dining chairs will be brought in.

Meals also take place out in the bush and in the river bed under the stars, followed by a few night caps round the fire.

There are only 6 rooms at Kigelia, each located along the dry Ifuguru river bed amongst thick bush, allowing great privacy.  The tents are very large and in typical meru style they have huge beds a spacious middle area with good storage.  The bathrooms are at one end of the tents, which consist of a flush loo.  The bucket showers are outdoor.  The sink is very basic with no running water, but a large jug next to it.

Activities here consist of walking safaris and game drives.  The guiding is very good and the vehicles are well equipped for photographers. A great Ruaha Safari to say the least!



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