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Mafia Island, Tanzania – Best places to stay in Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island, Tanzania – Where to stay

Mafia Island is a fantastic spot for whale shark diving, but is not necessarily the place for a relaxing beach holiday as the beaches are definitely secondary to those in Zanzibar. With a sparse amount of hotels, Mafia is attractive as a place to explore surrounding islands and have an activity packed few days. 

Mafia Island, Tanzania – Best Places To Stay In Mafia Island, Tanzania

Thanda Island

Thanda Island is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends. It has taken ten years to discover and develop this remarkably uncommon destination as a very special, totally private island getaway. Thanda Island is a tropical island with a single luxurious villa in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Tanzania.

Kinasi Lodge, Mafia Island

Kinasi Lodge is arguably Mafia’s best lodge.  Being a rather remote island which has never really developed into a tourism hub like Zanzibar has, Mafia lacks good quality, affordable accommodation.  There is Pole Pole, which is good value but lacks quality and a beach, and if you are more the adventurous type, then Chole Mjini is an option.  But Kinasi ticks all the boxes whilst at the same time has a good beach and spa.  Mafia isn’t known for great beaches so when you come across a good one, enjoy it!

Pole Pole

Pole Pole- meaning ‘slowly slowly’ is a good little Italian Run beach lodge in the Chole Bay. It has been around for a while and now with its own decent swimming pool its one of the better places to stay on the island. The lodge is very chilled out, peaceful and a good spot to base yourself for diving in the Mafia Marine Park nearby.

Chole Mjini Lodge, Mafia Island

This lodge is not for everyone.  It’s utterly bizarre in its own little way but if you are the right person it really does work for you.  This is an eco-focused tourism project and not a commercial outfit looking to make money.  It is run by Afrika Afrika, who are the driving force behind many Tanzania based eco and community projects.  They have purpose and direction, but Chole Mjini is certainly for the basic, rustic and very ‘out there’ type of traveller.  If you don’t mind long drop loos then this place might interest you.

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Where to stay on Mafia and Pemba Islands

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