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Tanzania Holidays

We consider Tanzania Holidays to be one of the most exciting destinations in the world. In addition to jaw-dropping landscapes, breathtaking wildlife encounters, pristine white sand beaches and a wide variety of adventurous activities, it has a fabulous choice of accommodation across the style and price spectrum to suit every type of traveller. Furthermore, the Tanzanian people are warm and friendly and will welcome you to their beautiful country with open arms.

About Tanzania holidays

This one, relatively small, African country has some of the largest herds of wild animals on the planet, and, in places, some of the highest concentrations of predators. Wildlife spectacles are guaranteed in such areas as the volcanic caldera at Ngorongoro, where animals inhabit the ‘bowl-like’ lush environment in exceptional numbers, and across the apparently ‘endless plains’ of the great Serengeti. The great thing about Tanzania is how easy it is to combine its many spectacular aspects, from inland safari to blissful beach hideaway.

Tanzania is a country that earns many superlatives, and the while the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro - three of Africa’s top five destinations – tend to steal the limelight, the lesser visited parks in the south and west of Tanzania are seriously worth visiting, and safaris in the wildly different parks of Selous, Ruaha, Mahale or Katavi can be equally as memorable and exciting, and more private.

The same can be said of its beaches. This is a country also characterised by its vibrant Swahili coastline, from the more famously renowned islands of Zanzibar to lesser known reaches of its mainland coast. Dotted with islands large and small, inhabited and deserted, the Indian Ocean beaches here are fabulous, punctuated with coconut trees originating from the days of the Sultans, and swathed in white coral sands.

Tanzania holidays: On safari

Tanzania is primarily famous for its awe-inspiring wildlife and phenomenal concentrations of predators.  In particular, the remarkable annual Great Migration of two million wildebeest and zebra in search of verdant pastures over the vast Serengeti Plains is one of the great natural wonders of the world.  However, in addition to the famous Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park, Tanzania has numerous other reserves and parks offering a variety of fantastic safari experiences, including chimpanzee trekking at Mahale in the remote far west of the country. All of these are easily linked in any itinerary to a beautiful beach location in the same country. 

Tanzanian Holidays: The scenery

No less spectacular than its wildlife is Tanzania's astonishing range of landscape and scenery: majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the beautiful lush green Ngorongoro Highlands, the Serengeti's iconic vast grassy plains studded with the occasional Acacia tree, the stark and dramatic scorched red earth of Ruaha, and not least its stunning Indian Ocean and Zanzibar coastline, with sparkling blue waters lapping at the white sand shore under swaying palms. The range of beaches here provides something for everyone, from the ultimate island hideaway to a full range of watersports options on Zanzibar island. 

Our Tanzania holiday favourites

Tanzania: activities

For the adventurous in spirit, Tanzania has plenty of activities; these range from the possibility of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to stalking predators on a walking safari, fly camping under the stars, ballooning over the Serengeti Plains, deep sea fishing trips, scuba diving, snorkelling and kitesurfing, to name but a few...

Tanzania: accommodation and travel

Travellers are very well catered for in Tanzania, with a wide range of accommodation to suit every taste and budget, and much of it extremely high quality.  There are plenty of small, intimate, luxurious lodges and camps offering really personal service, which we seek out wherever we can!  Tanzanian people are invariably friendly and helpful, and standards of service are generally very high.  The network of internal light aircraft flights is reasonably-priced and efficient, making it very easy to combine various different parts of the country within one itinerary. 

For all these reasons, Tanzania is a wonderful holiday destination for all sorts of different holidays and visitors. Whether a solo traveller, a couple, family or honeymooners, and whatever your preferred combination of safari / adventure / beach / relaxation, there is an ideal Tanzania holiday itinerary that will suit you perfectly.

Our Zanzibar holiday favourites

Zanzibar holidays

Many of our best Tanzania holiday adventures end with time on Zanzibar,  or somewhere on the coast, and the sheer ease of getting there from the mainland (20 minutes from Dar) makes it seem daft not to lap it up for at least a day or two.Many of our clients spend two weeks on a Zanzibar holiday without seeing the mainland at all! When on Zanzibar we recommend a night or two in Stone Town, and then a beach stay either in the North or the West of this glorious island.




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