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Zanzibar Serena Inn

One of the small luxury hotels of the world, the Serena Inn is not so in keeping with Stone Town’s character but quite frankly, that is a good thing!  It offers a great escape from what can be quite a hectic little town.  The pool is the nicest in Stone Town, with great views out to sea and a great place for sunset cocktails.


Zanzibar Serena Hotel Rates:
$297 per person

Our rating:

Zanzibar Serena Inn

The Serena Inn is located on the coastline of Stone Town, in the south west of Zanzibar.  It is only a 15 minute drive from the airport and the Island is a 20 minute flight from Dar es Salaam.

This is without doubt Stone Town’s best hotel.  It has excellent views of the ocean on the Western side of the island.  The main area is outside dominated by a large pool and long bar, with chairs and tables dotted around and the pool is lined with the odd sun loungers.  The grand hall has been entirely decked out with antiques and artefacts, including an ancient old telephone from its external communications days, with a view to recreating a sense of the opulence of the Zanzibari hey-days.  It occupies a prime location on the waterfront near the town centre, and is the only hotel in town with a particularly inviting swimming pool.  It is spaciously grand and expensive, but service and ocean-view dining are reliably good.

The Serena provides a range of facilities befitting a hotel of its class, including air conditioned accommodation and a fully equipped business centre.

All the rooms have televisions and air con.  There are various room categories with the prime rooms being the best.  They are expensive but they are worth it. The standard rooms are arguably better than any other Stone Town hotel.  And watching the sun go down is the perfect way to end your Tanzania holiday.

All the typical Stone Town activities can be arranged from the reception and the beneficial location allows easy strolls around the town, unguided, plus it makes for a great addition to any Tanzania safari.


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