Bye bye, Bird

26th February 2016

As many of you will already be aware, last weekend we lost our crazy, characterful, avian member of the Nomad family, Big Bird. He is missed by all of us, particularly the Greystoke team who have cared for him for the last three years. Judging by the pictures and memories that you’ve shared with us, we won’t be the only ones to miss him. Hopefully he’s found somewhere just as idyllic as Greystoke Mahale in the next life. He’s certainly made a splash with a lot of people in this one, among them Jean Campbell, who shared this with us, and we take pleasure in sharing it with you.

15 Life Lessons (in no particular order) – As Reminded To Me By A Pelican
1. You can fit way more in your beak than you think you can ( or should I say your gular pouch?).
2. Beauty and inspiration comes in many shapes and forms.
3. Persistence pays off.
4. It’s okay to bite someone’s head as long as you don’t press too hard.
5. Embrace your own unique waddle, it’s all you need.
6. Just because you’re born a pelican doesn’t mean you’re JUST a pelican.
7. Be ready and present. You never know when life will throw you a fish.
8. Sometimes you have to push yourself right into the middle of things. No one should go unnoticed.
9. Changing your perspective can change everything.
10. Family is not limited to relatives.
11. A little love, affection, and a good wing scratching goes a long way to making the world a better place.
12. Stormy days can yield unexpected silver linings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still hurt.
13. Some days it’s okay to stay on the roof with your head tucked under your wing for longer than usual.
14. A friend is someone who’ll run alongside you, flapping their arms as a way of encouraging you to fly, even though they know they themselves never can.
15. It really isn’t about how long you’re on this earth. It’s all about the impact you make while you’re here.

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