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When going on holiday to Tanzania the chances are the aim of the trip is to either go for a safari, or to the beach or both. As a general rule of thumb, the best time to be in Tanzania on safari is in the dry season from July – October when the weather is dry and sunny. As the parks dry out, the bushes become less dense and the animals are easier to spot because of this, but also because they are forced to congregate to the remaining water holes. There are short rains in November (which sometimes trickle through into December, January and March) before the long rains which come in April and May. However, this is not to say December, January and February are not still excellent times to be in Tanzania…

The temperature in Lake Manyara is around 30 degrees in the months in between the rainy seasons so it can get quite hot. In the winter months of June, July and August it drops to 25 degrees, which is potentially a slightly more comfortable temperature. With rainfall, there is not a huge amount of give in the months in between the classically rainy months of November and April-May. Although there is some rain still in these months, it will be more like short showers than torrential downpours as with April, as we can see from the rainfall vs days raining numbers. The only potential outlier in this is December, which seems to have both more rainfall and days raining than in November… All that being said, don’t let a chance of rain put you off a safari of a lifetime! Most of the time we advise clients to only spend an afternoon in Lake Manyara as the park is not very big – it is better to spend your money on the stars of the north; Ngorongoro and The Serengeti, so don’t let Lake Manyara’s microclimate impact your safari dates too much…

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Max Temp Day in Lake Manyara


Min Temp Night in Lake Manyara


Hours of Sunshine in Lake Manyara


Hours of Daylight in Lake Manyara


Number Rainy Days in Lake Manyara


Rainfall in Lake Manyara


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