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Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar archipelago is comprised of the two main islands of Zanzibar and Pemba Island and also some other little islands dotted around, including a few absolutely stunning private ones…


The islands worth mentioning in the archipelago apart from Zanzibar itself are definitely Pemba Island and the few private islands. The other islands do not have accommodation options and therefore are best explored as part of a day trip whilst staying on Zanzibar Island (where there are a lot of fabulous accommodation options!).
The islands surrounding Zanzibar generally offer a more secluded and remote beach experience, away from the attraction of the main island. Some of these are only accessible at certain times of the day according to tide levels, and the smaller sandbanks and spits are excellent for sailing excursions and picnics.

Zanzibar Archipelago – Pemba Island

Pemba island is really off the beaten track and offers a really wild, untouched island experience that you don’t get on Zanzibar. The accommodation options are not as vast as on Zanzibar, but there a few different shades of luxury which fit into most traveller’s preferences in the three lodges we like to recommend. So fi you are seeking a really different Indian Ocean experience, there should be nothing stopping you looking at Pemba. We would recommend if you are keen on white sand beaches though that you look at combining it with Zanzibar Island too as Pemba’s beaches admittedly pale in comparison. The diving is world class.
Please see our Pemba Island page for accommodation recommendations.

Zanzibar Archipelago - Private Islands

For those looking for the very best and most private beach experience with flour soft sand beaches and absolute seclusion, Mnemba Island is undoubtedly the best option for a Tanzania honeymoon, or indeed any Zanzibar holiday.  This tiny island is everything you can imagine of a remote windswept paradise, and has been voted one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. 

On a much simpler scale, Fanjove Private Island is the definition of beach-shack-chic, meaning the accommodation is very basic… Yet the food is delicious, the staff excellent and most importantly the location (beaches, ocean) is out of this world.

If you are not sure about where to start when considering your Indian Ocean holiday, whether it be a honeymoon, family safari, summar holiday or trip of a lifetime; the team here at Odyssey have visited it all, so please do just give us a ring and we can take you through your different options. 


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