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Zuri Zanzibar

The Zuri Zanzibar Hotel and Resort marks a new departure for Zanzibar hotels; it is big enough to classify as a large hotel, but with only 55 suites, rooms and villas dotted through its beautiful gardens and beach, it exudes a confident air of luxurious glamour. All areas are big, bold, and well designed for stylish comfort, and come in a variety of options and price ranges to suit various requirements and budgets. 


Zuri Zanzibar Rates:
$293 per person

Our rating:

Client rating:
[95% based on 4 reviews]

The beach location is superb, on one of the least tidal and most deliciously soft sandy stretches of this northern coast. The beach is a little bit busy, with quirky Zanzibari football or meandering Maasai, but the hotel extends the sandy stretch back to allow for a vast, peaceful, hammock slung beach experience. Then, further back and up the hill, the gardens are a delight, with huge baobabs and well established palms and flowering shrubs, all laced with pathways linking the villas and suites. The central swimming pool is impressively long and luxuriant, with funky beats pulsing out from the shades at the back

Zuri Zanzibar Hotel and Resort - The Facts 

Zuri is bigger than the 12 room hotels and way smaller than the 200 rooom hotels; smart, glamorous, with 55 suites in various configurations; with private pools, plunge pools or simple bungalows, deluxe suites and double or triple room villas. There are currently two restaurants, the main restaurant and the pool bar and grill,  and a cocktail bar, with a new beach bar/ restaurant due to open soon. The spa is also under construction, nearly complete, and the yoga and exercise salon is particularly lovely, with a glorious polished sprung floor open on all sides for optimum breeze enjoyment and sunset viewing. 

The reception area has been stocked with one of the most impressive hotel libraries we have ever encountered; properly sourced literary fiction and fact, picture books and quirky print material all superbly selected for the hotel. This curls around a popular, airy pool table, in reach of sofas, the cocktail/ sunset area and, should you need one, the resident doctor. 
All in all, Zuri provides a blissful playground for honeymooners or families, and enough space and attitude to house both side by side. The location on Kendwa Beach is superb, for local swimming and water sports and also the option to explore the coast a little on foot. 

For further information please see our blog posts about other fantastic Zanzibar honeymoon options, as well as our introduction to Zuri. 


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