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Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti under Canvas is one of the most luxurious mobile tented camps in the Serengeti, owned and run by &Beyond who are one of the top safari companies in Tanzania in terms of guide quality and luxury.  The camp is very mobile, tracking the migration at all times of the year in a small intimate camp. A bucket shower as standard means this is still a bush camping, but with the flamboyant extras that &Beyond seem to endow to all of their properties, you know that this is a cut above.


Serengeti Under Canvas Rates:
$1,311 per person

Our rating:

Client rating:
[94% based on 3 reviews]

AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas - The Facts 

This mobile tented camp in the Serengeti Safari moves at different times of the year to track the wildebeest migration.  The camp is always near an airstrip in the Serengeti so easily accessed by light aircraft from other areas in north Tanzania.  Four nights staying in this camp works very well to enjoy this huge area of the Serengeti and the migration.  It is the ultimate lodge in Tanzania safari holidays.
The tented camp resembles a similar style to other mobile camps in the area with 6 Meru Style tents surrounding a two main mess tents. However these tents are finished to a very high standard with the finest cotton sheets, chandeliers and ensuite bathrooms with large bucket showers. So this is still camping- but camping in the most luxurious manner possible, with unrivalled service and great food! The typical &Beyond extras even include wifi access from your tent.
The main activity at Serengeti under canvas is game driving in the Serengeti with the &beyond 4x4 vehicles. In certain locations in the Serengeti  hot air balloon safaris can be arranged, which is a great way to get a different perspective viewing game.


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